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From: BarbaraSchwarz@excite.com (Barbara Schwarz)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: David Stuart Touretzky, you are one perverted and also dangerous pig!
Date: 12 Aug 2003 08:43:06 -0700
Organization: http://groups.google.com/
Lines: 177
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barb <bwarr1@cox.net> wrote in message news:<3F3704EF.6090509@cox.net>...
> Kate the Wondercat wrote:
> > "Dicktop_Stud" <dicktop_stud@mindless.com> wrote in message
> > news:12085197.0308100051.263ec07@posting.google.com...
> >
> >>BarbaraSchwarz@excite.com (Barbara Schwarz) wrote in message
> >
> > news:<8385d874.0308090844.2bccd61f@posting.google.com>...
> >
> >>>Guess what I got with the USPS mail last Friday? A letter postmarked
> >>>August 5, 2003 in "1 NO VA 220". It had no sender on the envelope, but
> >>>I believe it was Dave Stuart Touretzky himself, who mailed it to me on
> >>>a trip to Virginia, because only he could have been in possession of
> >>>what was in it.
> >>>
> >>>Inside was an invoice and two more photocopies of several strange
> >>>objects.
> >>
> >>Those strange objects are dildos, Barbara, and don't tell us you have
> >>no clue as to what they are.
> >
> >
> > Some women don't.
> >
> >
> >>>The porn shop has name JTs Stockroom and is located in Los Angeles, CA
> >>>90027. The bill is addressed to David Touretzky, West Mifflin, PA
> >>>15122 (including the street address and house number). It is invoice
> >>>no: 125888 BA, dated December 5, 2002. He has customer number 99154 in
> >>>that porn shop and shipped to him that day were item A 810 Hot
> >>>Rod-Sport Red for $ 27, item B087 Silk Blue Pearl, Small for $ 10, and
> >>>the free JTs stockroom catalog, with S&H, Touretzky paid $ 45 for his
> >>>perverted sex tools.
> >>
> >>I received the same letter in the mail today.
> >
> >
> > I received one yesterday.
> >
> >
> >>>Touretzky, why do you harass me with that perverted stuff, you dirty
> >>>shameless bastard?
> >>
> >>Schwarz, why do you harass David Touretsky by chiding him for
> >>something that he, obviously, had nothing to do with.
> >
> >
> > Yep. It says "Bill to" Dave Touretsky with an address that is NOT in
> > Virginia, yet this was postmarked in VA.
> >
> > Also, he'd have no reason to send that. But someone wishing to harass or
> > discredit him would. And, as a bonus, at the same time, give a wee dig to a
> > few contributors here. Now, I have one, you've got one, Barbara's got one.
> >
> > So Barbara's just another ars-er. Heh.
> >
> >
> >>Don't tell me
> >>you don't know anything about insensitive & cruel jokes played on
> >>innocent people - you, yourself, are infamous for the insensitive,
> >>cruel and FRIVOLOUS jokes you play on people with your bastardization
> >>of FOIA requests.
> >>
> >>snip of usual Barbara Schwarz psycho-drivel....
> >>
> >>>Go to hell, Trouretzky. I thought that Garry Scraff would be the
> >>>sexually most perverted person, but from what *you* mailed to me, you
> >>>are even worse! The word "sex bomb" has literally a new meaning by
> >>>thinking of Touretzky.
> >>
> >
> > Should be obvious that he did not mail them. Postmarks don't match, etc.
> >
> > Barbara just WANTS to bitch about someone new, is all.
> >
> > Rather than say "Gee, I got this strange distasteful thing in the mail that
> > mentions Dave Touretsky but is postmarked from yet another state" she jumps
> > his shit, as some would say.
> >
> > I would guess that this was the hoped-for response.
> >
> > I have a question- how many people posting here have gotten one of these
> > things?
> >
> > Just curious.
> >
> > C
> >
> >
> Well, gee, whaddaya expect from a crazy broad who thinks
> religiousfreedumbwatch.org is a great source of unbiased information?
> I haven't gotten such a letter, but I AM expecting something from Dave
> in the mail. A genyoowine alien head! He promised!
> --
> --
> barb
> Chaplain, ARS
> "After over 50 years, what has Scientology given the world? Misery,
> hopelessness, broken families, desolation, death."
> -Shydavid
> "I remember when my son said "Every day should be Mother's Day." But
> those were the days before L Ron Hubbard came into his life."
> --Ida Camburn

Okay, now listen to this for a change:

Why is Dave Touretzky not defending himself? If he is indeed no
customer in the porn shop and indeed has nothing to do with sending
the letter, why is he not comming forward? He is posting constantly
here and his last posting was according to my information on August
10, 2003.

He doesn't even try to set the records straight. That is because he
mailed that invoice and the attached pornographic images himself to

I want to complain to the USPS, Zinji, but instead mailing it to a guy
who has no clue, I want to mail it to the postal inspector that Scarff
was talking about. I think that Scarff made that up. He did not get
the letter at all. He was in the plot that I shall be harassed with
that letter from the start. He is flanking Dave Touretzky. Please make
Scarff posting the name of the postal investigator.

Clare, Fluffygirl and Wondercat, or whatever she calls herself, did
not get the letter either. She is lying just as she lied being not
found of Koos and about other matters. She just wants to be in the
center or attention.

It makes no sense that Scarff and Fluffygirl were targeted right with
me. Scarff can't be targeted with porno material. Just read his
postings. If sex shops would not been invented, he would invent them.
Sending him information about that Touretzky is a pornshop owner would
not smaller Toureztky in Scarff's eyes, because Scarff is completely
perverted. Fluffygirl is cheap and one of her favorites words is the
*f* words. She isn't turned off by getting that kind of mail.

If OSA would have launched that campaign, to descredit Toureztky, the
alleged innocent, why did they not mail it to women that most likely
would be offended if they would find such letters sent to their names?
In other words, why did Diane Richardson, Nessie or Rene Descartes not
receive the porn letter in their mail?

The answer is: Because I was the one that was targeted, and I was the
only one who got it.

Andrew, I wrote often enough that I don't fear Scientologists at all.
True Scientologists have a much much better character than the average
ARS poster. And the infiltrators are those people that later post on
ARS attacking SCN as Scarff, Gerry Armstrong, Jesse Prince, Rob Clark
at so many more. Real Scientologists don't target me and have no
reason to do so. You are seeing the white mice of Touretzky. The
letter also was mailed from his neighborhood and not from California
or Florida.

Scientology is not involved in my lawsuit against the Tribune. The
lawyer brought them in twice, a) misinforming the court that ARS would
be a Scientology newsgroup! (lol) and b) misinforming the court that I
sued SCN for damages, which I never did. The Tribune will avoid by all
means to pull SCN in this case, because the last their attorney wants
is having to deal with a SCN attorney, after the case looks already so
bad for the Tribune. (See the affidavit that I posted.)

Scientology is not attacked in Utah. The Tribune published a very
favorable and long article about Scientology and Heber Jenztsch in
October 1993 or 1994. Heber Jentzsch is originally from Utah. He is
even named after Heber City, a town in Utah or perhaps the town is
named after him, who knows.

Barbara Schwarz





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