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From: aoc@blackjack.no (ace of clubs)
Subject: Re: Sweden's GNP in power trend
Date: 1998/08/10
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Oh, Gerrrrr-r-r-r-r-re-e-e-e-e-e!

Damn, GerGer, as of this moment, you haven't answered the last little
cuddlenote I sent, and here I am sendin' you another. I mus' be in LUV! Or
maybe I'm jest on the rebound since my sweetheart, RV, jilted me.

I jest HAD to write, 'cause I wuz SO intrigued by yer missive. You sed:

>I read here on ars of all sorts of people reading their just
>received NOTS packs purchased from Sweden's NOTS Pack Sales and
>Distribution Center.

Yes, Ger, yer suck-buddy, the *other* DM, the ever-fuckin'-lovin' David
Mayo, target of Interpol, confeedahnt to ElRonHubbard, and author of the
squirrelliest diarrhea that ever ran down the back of a leg--NOTs, that
cancer-maker soooopreme, which don't even require a warning label from the
Surgeon General, that sure-fire psychotic-break trigger--well, its author
and yer good friend, David "Constellation of the Cow" Mayo, has got hisself
a goddamned best-seller, now, don't he?

Don't that jest make you proud to have been so close to him, and all?

>The Swedes must have sold millions of these packs (which,
>incidentally, they acquired for free).

Well, don't be shy, Ger! Go on and say it: say, "And I helped." It's okay.
Nobody will think yer being egotistical fer takin' yer rightful place in
the slime parade. Join the throngs. Let's git out the fuckin' confetti.
This is helpin' to make a laughing stock of Scientology and the Old Man,
and you deserve yer share of the credit. Take it, Ger! God, jest THINK of
all them rich IAS loons grindin' away on that shit fer fuckin' YEARS, never
fininishin', gettin' cancer into restimulation, or flippin' the fuck out,
thinkin' they're doin' "Scientology."

I'm jest sittin' here with tears rollin' down my face over what you and yer
fuckin' buddies have pulled off, Ger-bilShit. Am I laughin'?

>The US objected to Sweden's setting up a NOTS distribution
>center, presumably because the ever-greedy US wanted to set up
>its own center.

Why doncha' jest pick up the fuckin' fone and ax yer goddamned buddies why,
and stop presumin', you lyin' fuck.

>One hopes that somewhere (R) a poorer Third World country would
>get into NOTS sales and distribution while there are still a few
>billion people without a pack.

Oh, yes, Ger! One hopes! One sick, deranged, twisted fuck like you hopes.
Hopes more get harmed. Hopes more die. Hopes for more ridicule and
revilement and death and destruction. Hope lives eternal fer the likes of
you, don't it Ger? Keep hopin', fuckhead.

And now, a drumroll fer our rezident mole, fer our purveyor of secrets, fer
our Number One friend and buddy, our close associate, who is about to let a
little black, slimy leech slide out of one corner of his mouth:

>Or perhaps there are other "secret scriptures" (like the
>Admissions) that haven't had such wide sales and distribution as
>NOTS in which other countries can corner the market.

Oh, Ger, you are SO-O-O-O-h smooth. Does it make yer nipples pert when you
slide a greasy one by like that? Has their bullshit scam fallen SO the fuck
far apart that they had to send you slidin' back in here with YAGAR (Yet
Another Gerry Armstrong Revelation)? Ooooooo, Ger-bilShit, has you got
another SeKrIt DoKyOoMeNt, one that's REEEEEEALLY gon' prove what a
low-life lyin' bastard LRH was? Has you gots something NEW you want to show
us? I saw you slip another little "teaser" into one of yer other recent
posts about "The Admissions" <GASP!>. Yer jest SO-O-O-O-O-Oh fuckin'
smooth. How many "teasers" before you drop the bomb? (Oh, and BTW--which
Instruction Protocol is it that specifies the number? I fergit jest now.)

Did this new dokyooooment jest "turn up," like all these new post-mortem
issues "by LRH," the "100% pure" ones?

Oh, Ger, Ger, Ger. You got me jest *pantin'* with anticipation! Will YOU be
releasin' this dokyoooooment, or will it seep out like sewage from some
other leak somewhere? I can hardly *WAIT* fer this new YAGAR to come
slidin' out into public view. Sort of like a snot-hang.

>Share the swag you swifty Swedes.

Nah, Ger. Why don'chou jest go ahead and eat it all yerself.


"SYCOPHANT, n. One who approaches Greatness on his belly
so that he may not be commanded to turn and be kicked."

--Ambrose Bierce
"The Devil's Dictionary"


ace of clubs




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