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From : MFTC I/C

Re : Swearinger Invest


21-Jun-1986 10:37

for your info and whatever else you can do with this...

20-Jun-1986 20:56

Dear Linda,

What does JP want to do with Bill Swearinger? What did Bowles
say to him? Why would we want Bill S to have Royce confess? Confess
to what?

When will the rest of the 13 original targets be done?

ML Marty

20-Jun-1986 20:40

Dear Sir,

Compliance Report.

What was ordered:

I sent over a 13 step invest to revive the Swearinger Invest.
In response you merc'd"

"Ok, I'll expect the results of all of this by Friday."

(In this same comm you asked for the Mayer invest which is
forwarded in a separate Merc.)

What was done:

The results of the Swearinger Invest are in the report below.

The original targets are at the very end of this comm.

-page break-

This is OK.

ML Linda


Swearinger Invest results:

Summary: Five of the thirteen investigative steps were completed and
resulted in a) two Swearinger neighbors recalling a White Cherokee by
Bill's house a few times in the last 6 months (that's what Royce
drives) and b) Bill Swearinger calling up Tim Bowles wanting to end
cycle on it all once and for all. Step by step results follow.

1. Leann was not yet interviewed as she has not yet been located.
However we did find out that she has left the employment of Varsity
Communications and we found her last name, traced her through her
parents and now have her unlisted phone number in Hollywood. She has
not been in yet but should be able to be reached either tonight or
Saturday. The good news is that she no longer works for the company so
will not be under the thumb of Palmieri.

2/3. Perry and Embinder have not been at the office or at home over the
last 2 days so have not yet been confronted.
2. Ambush interview of Steve Perry (aka Bubba). He could confirm
relationship of Bill S. and Walker.

4. Photos were taken to Royce's neighbors and none recalled having
seen Bill, Ron or Bill's distinctive car in the vicinity.

5. Bill's neighbors were shown Royce, Bubba and Embinder and did not
recognize them. They were also shown the photo of Royce's white
Cherokee and two of his nearest neighbors independently recognized
having seen such a car parked adjacent to the stairs leading up to
Bill's house a few times over the last six months. One of these
neighbors, Mr. Franklee (a film editor) said that Bill frequently had
parties where young boys were observed at Bill's house but had no
distinct memories of any faces.

6. We have not been able to confirm where Casey was 9 - 10- 11 May
due to terminals not being accessible.

7. The line to the secretary to get further data from the court
reporter ran into a logisitics snag and will need to be done Monday.

8. Though Royce has refused to speak at all with Francovich, a line to
go in on to re-establish the comm was worked out which can be done
early next week (Francovich will take over a check owed to Royce
which will be coming in Monday or Tues).

9. The young mexican we'd seen with Swearinger last month has not been

-page break-

identified. The neighbor checked with (Franklee) recalled having seen
him about a month ago walking away from the house, upset, originating
to this neighbor "I can't go on like this any more, I'm really upset."
and this neighbor hasn't seen him since. Checks were made at a local
mexican restaurant the two had stopped at when under surveillance, no
data, and a number in Guatemala possibly associated with this kid was
checked but the only person at the number with contacts in LA was out
of town for a week. So the kid could not be located to interview.

10. The spots where Bill was seen to stop on surveillance were checked
for familiarity with Royce or his vehicle or friends and there was no
recognition. The vicinity of an address where Royce had been seen
dropping off two young men was checked and one neighbor, a foreign man
(Mr. Behar) recognized having seen a car similar to Bill
Swearinger's in the neighborhood.

11. Stuart and Steve's office was visited, they were not there but the
current office manager related a story consistent with Royce Walker's
description of Swearinger and Walker only casually knowing each other.

12. Royce & friend's photo was shown to the receptionist and security
man at 6922 Hollywood (where Swearinger's office is located, but
not drawing attention to Swearinger). No recognition. His old
office across the street was also checked, no reads.

13. It was found that Caryl Warner does still practice law and works
out of 6922 Hollywood - Suite 500 - a full schedule every day. However
a check made on Thursday revealed that he was out until Monday so no
pretext interview has yet been done.

     A definite impingement was made from the actions taken --
Bill Swearinger phoned Tim Bowles at 4:45 today and said the

     that Al Bei of Ingram investigations was asking his neighbors
and his clients questions about the veracity of Royce Walker, was
very upset, and said he wants it to stop immediately. He wants to
end cycle on this escapade on his knowledge of the Judge's
prejudice "once and for all". He said he is not willing to submit
to a deposition (because the federal judge ruled that such a depo
is irrelevant). However, he said he is willing to meet with us to
tell us what he knows. He insists there is no prejudice from his
father. He termed our efforts "shooting in a barrel with non-
existant fish", somwething like that.

     He said that if we can't come to an immediate resolution on
this, is he going to take "self-help". He specificaly mentioned
buying a gun or drafting and filing a motion for protective order
in the federal case. He said he couldn't wait until Monday, he
needed to resolve it now.

It is of interest that Al Bei did not interview any of the

-page break-

neighbors, that was done by Mark Marino. Al Sr. went to the 6922
Hollywood building (Swearinger's office) and Al Bei Jr. went to
Royce's office at 7715 Sunset. We don't know who any of Bill's
clients are (though one of the women interviewed by Marino could
have been a client).

Next Action:

a) Have the confrontation with Swearinger and get him to tell the truth
about this matter. If he insists he is being truthful, have him drag
in Royce to confess, and Francovich can be there too.

[The following steps to be done but called off if step (a) resolves it
and continuing would be pointless.]

b) Interview Leann (per last call her roomate said she's expected to be
there Saturday) who is no longer part of the Varsity office. She'll be
asked about whether the boys went to Palm Springs as well.

c) Ingram to call Casey to ask him just one more questin - the Palm
Springs question he neglected to ask him during the interview.

d) Pull the court reporter string via the secretary resource.

e) Ambush interviews of Embinder and Bubba.

f) Francovich to recontact Royce with check owed to him and get him in

f) Pull down Caryl Warner string through pretext interview.

invest steps

1. Ambush interview on Leann, the secretary (she was the one other
person mentioned in the depo of Walker as someone he talked to about
Scn. She will be gotten outside of the office as in the office someone
will contact Palmieri and she'll clam up.)

2. Ambush interview of Steve Perry (aka Bubba). He could confirm
relationship of Bill S. and Walker.

3. Ambush interview of Embinder as possible.

4. Photo of Bill and Ron taken to Royce's neighbors to see whether
anyone has seen them around.

-page break-

5. Photos of Royce, Bubba, Embinder and Casey shown to Bill
Swearinger's neighbors.

6. Find out where Casey Klinger was the weekend 9 - 10 - 11 May, i.e.
whether he was in Palm Springs or not. (pretext has been worked out to
get this.) If in Palm Springs, get identity of the two fags they were

7. Use secretary resource who has a good line already to the court
reporters to find out anything further on the cash payment cycle, i.e.
was the judge irritated, who else may have been there, etc.

8. Francovich to re-establish comm line with Royce over some business
dealing, and see what further can be obtained from this line, get him
to cop out to what occurred (witness present).

9. Use our Spanish speaking PI (Joe) to suitably interview the young
mexican (P. Garcia may be name) guy who was seen with Bill Swearinger
at least three mornings, who may live with Swearinger, and get the data
on Bill's relationship with Royce

10. Use the data we have on Bill's contacts (places he was observed
going when under surveillance and known comm lines he has) to interview
these contacts with pictures of Royce and Bill re: their relationship.

11. Stuart and Steve (Bill's former employers and Royce's friend)
seen w/photos to establish how many times and for what reason Royce
visited Bill.

12. Suitably inquire (with photos) at Bill's current law office about
Walker, does he show up there frequently etc.

13. Pull down strings on any possible relationship between Swearinger
and Caryl Warner (work in same suite though different offices) - through
pretext interview.

All the above to be done by Friday, the analyzed and retargetted.


This document in .pdf format



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