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Important Note: We have webbed Scientology Policy Directive 28 “Suppressive Act – Dealing with a Declared Suppressive Person” dated August 13, 1982 in its entirety for purposes of education and scholarship and as a warning to everyone of the Scientology cult’s hatred for and malevolent intent toward the class of people whom the cult labels “Suppressive Persons” or “SPs.” The term was invented by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, a violent man, misanthrope and pathological liar. This directive is very instructive, and it is illustrative of Scientology’s “Suppressive Person Doctrine,” which makes the cult a hate group and puts every person who associates with the cult in personal physical and psychological danger.

We whom the cult considers “SPs” and are its pathologically feared and hated targets have a right to know, possess and disseminate everything Scientology publishes about “SPs,” because all of it is hate literature that puts all of us at risk. If we care about our fellow human beings, we have a duty to expose and make Scientology’s hate literature widely available, and even to call upon our fellows to rise up to stop this evil Suppressive Person Doctrine and its practitioners.

The Suppressive Person Doctrine, and particularly its proactive facet and inevitable result of “fair game,” has been discussed and criticized for decades. “Fair game” is a policy and practice of the cult that calls for antisocial and criminal actions to be taken against people labeled “SPs,” or enemies. Fair game, in fact, even calls for capital crimes against “enemies” – their “destruction,” or “obliteration.” The “enemies” that Hubbard and Scientology intended to be fair gamed are almost universally good, decent, societally contributive, loving people. But no person targeted as an “SP” or “enemy,” no matter how bad, deserves to be destroyed by this evil cult executing this evil doctrine.

As SPD 28 shows, Scientology prohibits its members from maintaining a line with, offering support to, or in any way granting credance (sic) to any “SP.” This prohibition, which the cult calls “unequivocal Church Policy,” is enough reason to reject the cultists who are “offering support” at disaster sites, “offering support” in education, “offering support” in prison rehabilitation, “offering support” in drug treatment, or in any other public group or arena. The denial of support or credence to an “SP,” who found himself or herself a disaster victim, or included in a prison or drug program, is extremely cruel and is in fact an act of fair game. But, as SPD 28 also shows, the Scientologists must fair game the SP, at a minimum, with psychological torture, lest the cultists themselves be declared “Suppressive” and fair gamed.

We believe that the good people who comprise the class called “Suppressive Persons,” or are the Scientologists’ “ enemies” or potential “enemies” have an absolute right to know the information contained in this document, and that such knowledge cannot be denied them by Scientology’s application of commercial copyright law.

We believe that the safety and security of the general public necessitate this document’s exposure and broad dissemination.

We believe that anyone considering becoming involved with the Scientology cult as a customer, employee or agent has a right to know that he or she is becoming involved with a hate group, and a criminally intentioned organization, which promulgates and executes this type of directive that orders hatred of good people and results in crimes against them.

We believe that such a person should think very seriously about the consequences of any involvement with this cult. That involvement will inevitably result in his or her commission of antisocial acts against good people as the result of the application of this directive and the Suppressive Person Doctrine. Involvement, and the necessary application of the Suppressive Person Doctrine, may very well also result in the commission of crimes against good people. And involvement may very well result in the person himself or herself becoming the victim of Scientology’s antisocial actions and crimes.

We believe that all Scientologists have a right to know that they are being lied to by their cult’s leaders, and that these leaders and their organization are not honest, decent and ethical at all, but dishonest and violent in their policies and practices.

We believe too that this document must be made universally available so that government and law enforcement officials know what Scientology’s real intentions are, and can act to remove support for this cult, to stop the Suppressive Person Doctrine and its fair game offspring, and to protect good citizens from this dangerous and potentially deadly evil.





See also: Mark Plummer Declaration 10-09-2003



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