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Important Note:  We have webbed L. Ron Hubbard’s Policy Letter “Penalties for Lower Conditions” of October 18, 1967 in its entirety for purposes of education and scholarship and as a warning to everyone of Hubbard’s and his cult’s malevolent and violent intent. This PL is instructive and illustrative of Hubbard’s psychopathology and the psychopathology with which he inculcated his followers to become “living embodiments of LRH technology.”

Scientology’s “ethics” or “punishment” policies and practices have been discussed and criticized for decades. “Fair game” is an “ethics” policy and practice that calls for antisocial and criminal actions to be taken against people targeted as the cult’s “enemies.” Fair game, in fact, calls for capital crimes against “enemies” – their “destruction,” or “obliteration,”or murder. The “enemies” that Hubbard and Scientology intended to be fair gamed are almost universally good, decent, societally contributive, loving people. But no person targeted as an “enemy,” no matter how bad, deserves to be destroyed by this evil cult executing this evil doctrine.

Fair game has been condemned by courts for over thirty years, and condemned by western media for even longer. Scientology says that Hubbard’s Policy Letter “Penalties for Lower Conditions” was part of the cult’s “religious scriptures,” and that fair game was its religious practice, but that the PL and the policy were cancelled. In truth, only the PL was cancelled, and fair game remains Scientology’s philosophy, policy and practice to this day. Good people are still being fair gamed, and are just as much at risk of being fair gamed today as when Hubbard published this PL in 1967.

We believe that the good people who are the Scientologists’ “enemies” or potential “enemies” have an absolute right to know the information contained in this document, and that such knowledge cannot be denied them by Scientology’s application of commercial copyright law.

We believe that the safety and security of the general public necessitate this document’s exposure and broad dissemination.

We believe that anyone considering becoming involved with the Scientology cult as a customer, employee or agent has a right to know that he or she is becoming involved with a criminally intentioned organization, which promulgates and executes this type of directive ordering crimes against good people. We believe that such a person should think very seriously about the consequences of any involvement with this cult, since that involvement very well could result in his or her commission of the kinds of actions or crimes called for in this PL against good people, or becoming the victim of these kinds of actions and crimes.

We believe that all Scientologists have a right to know that they are being lied to by their cult’s leaders, and that these leaders and their organization is not honest, decent and ethical at all, but dishonest and violent in their policies and practices.

We believe too that this document must be made universally available so that government and law enforcement officials know what Scientology’s real intentions are, and can act to stop fair game and protect good citizens from this dangerous and potentially deadly evil.







Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


Issue IV

(Applies both Orgs and Sea Org)


LIABILITY — Suspension of Pay and a dirty grey rag on left arm and day and night
confinement to org premises.
TREASON — Suspension of pay and deprivation of all uniforms and insignia, a black
mark on left cheek and confinement on org premises or dismissal from
post and debarment from premises.
DOUBT — Debarment from premises. Not to be employed. Payment of fine amounting
to any sum may have cost org. Not to be trained or processed. Not to be
communicated or argued with.
ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by
any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientol-
ogist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.


Copyright c 1967
by L. Ron Hubbard



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