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[CT 7523]

Church of Scientology International
Office of Special Affairs

May 9, 1994


Mr. Charles Collier-Wright
Mirror Group Newspapers
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AP
United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Collier-Wright:

    I was sorry you were not able to meet with me or take me up
on my offer to visit the Church facility that was the subject of
the Mirror's story, even though you had travelled all the way to
Los Angeles.

    You may believe that Mr. Berry will be able to assist you by
providing information of value. You are unfortunately mistaken,

    Whatever Mr. Berry or his hired declarants may assert, a)
five of Berry's "witnesses" in the now defunct Fishman case who
supposedly corroborate Andre Tabayoyon's testimony have never
been to Golden Era Productions; b) his other witnesses all left
the facility before Tom Cruise visited and none has returned
since. None, therefore, has any personal knowledge concerning Mr.
Cruise having been there and the outrageous allegations of Andre
Tabayoyon are indefensible.

    Any information obtained from Mr. Berry (who has never
visited the facility himself) or those on his witness list would
be hearsay. Presumably Mr. Berry's list of "witnesses" includes
the following:

    Robert Vaughn Young:

    Mr. Young has not been at Golden Era since June 1989, prior
to Mr. Cruise having visited.

    According to his own testimony, Young made no effort to
attack the Church of Scientology until he lost his job and found
himself "very hard up for money." He then approached an attorney


Scientology: Improving Life in a Troubled World

[CT 7524]

May 9, 1994
Page 2.

for the Church and demanded $50,000 in exchange for his "story"
about Scientology. The Church refused his demand, so Young
placed himself on the market as a paid-for declarant,
manufacturing false testimony on behalf of Berry's clients,
Fishman and his hypnotherapist Uwe Geertz (neither of whom he had
ever met.)

    Mr. Young also has a criminal record and served time in jail
for theft, which further compromises his credibility.

    Stacy Young:

    Stacy Young has not been at Golden Era since August 1988.
Like her husband, she made no effort to attack the Church until
she saw this as a solution to the money problems that she and her
husband were experiencing owing to their inability to maintain
regular employment. Mrs. Young testified that she quit her job
selling real estate advertisements in order to pursue a career
writing declarations for money because the latter was "more

    Gerald Armstrong:

    Armstrong has not been to the property occupied by Golden
Era Productions since November 1981, well prior to Golden Era
Production 's establishment. He has not set foot in any Church of
Scientology since December 1981.

    By involving himself with Church of Scientology litigation,
Mr. Armstrong is in violation of a legal agreement he made in
1986. Were the Mirror to call him as a witness, your client would
become a party to that violation. However, your client would
be advised not to rely on information from Mr. Armstrong. He has
now distinguished himself by posing naked in a newspaper claiming
that the solution to the national debt is for everyone in the
United States to simply renounce money. He claims himself to be
the "Founder of the Organization of United Renunciants."

     Garry L. Scarff:

     Scarff is a well-known and documented liar. He invents
stories out of wholecloth to get media coverage. One of his
better known lies was that his family had been killed at
Jonestown. When his supposedly deceased family members were
found alive and well and never to have been involved with
Jonestown or Jim Jones, his claims were exposed as lies and he
had to retract them.

     Mr. Scarff has never been to Golden Era Productions. Nor,
despite his fabrications to the contrary, has he ever been Church
staff or a Scientology parishioner.

May 9, 1994
Page 3.

    Hana and Jerry Whitfield:

    The Whitfields' claims against the Church of Scientology
were characterized by the California Superior Court in 1988 as
"frivolous" and "devoid of facts." Their accusations were so
vacuous that despite being allowed seven separate opportunities
to state a set of facts sufficient to even bring a case, they
were unable to do so. Their "$1 billion suit" was thrown out of
court and monetary sanctions were levied against them. The
court's ruling was unanimously upheld on appeal.

    Jerry Whitfield is a former drug dealer and Hana has a
history of mental instability and psychiatric treatment.

    Neither of the Whitfields have ever been to Golden Era
Productions and so have no knowledge of the matters that would be an issue at trial.

    Richard and Vicki Aznaran:

    The Aznarans left the Church in 1987. They have no
knowledge of relevant facts concerning Tom Cruise or Golden Era
Productions and their credibility has been questioned by a United
States judge.

    On January 31, 1994, after reviewing in camera unredacted
FBI documents relating to spurious charges levelled by the
Aznarans against Church representatives, the Chief Federal Judge
in Los Angeles, Manuel L. Real, ordered the FBI to determine what
information in those records constituted evidence that the
Aznarans had made false statements, either to the FBI or in sworn
testimony. This investigation is ongoing.

    The Aznarans have not been at Golden Era Productions since
March 1987 and have no knowledge of any visits there by Tom

    Lawrence Wollersheim:

    Mr. Wollersheim also suffers from a major credibility
problem. By his own admission, he has abused LSD approximately
300 times and his own psychiatric experts have declared him to be
mentally unstable.

    Mr. Wollersheim has never been to Golden Era Productions.
He left the Church in 1979. He is currently under investigation
for spreading malicious lies about individuals and their

    Scott Mayer:

May 9, 1994
Page 4.

    Mr. Mayer left the Church of Scientology in 1976. He has
never been to Golden Era Productions and has absolutely no
information whatsoever concerning the issues at hand.

    The facts given above are only a sampling of the information
which demonstrates the fatal unreliability of Mr. Berry's
sources. Due to these "witnesses" appearing after the case had
been dismissed, they were not cross-examined. There is far more
information that will be forthcoming, in the event of litigation,
and again it seems unfortunate that you were unwilling to meet so
you could be provided with the facts.

    Mr. Berry, however, knows perfectly well that the numerous
torts he and his hired witnesses have alleged are lies. In a
self-betraying letter to Church Counsel in March, he offered to
have his paid-for declarants testify that they had never been
aware of any criminal conduct on the part of the Church,
notwithstanding their supposedly sworn testimony to the contrary.

    We have provided the Mirror with abundant information
demonstrating the falsity of the Mirror's articles and have
explained why it would be a grave mistake for the Mirror to rely
on Andre Tabayoyon as a source of information on Scientology and
Tom Cruise.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,

Mike Rinder


cc: Gerrard Tyrell
Harbottle & Lewis

Gerald Feffer
Williams & Connelly



This document in .pdf format.

Armstrong's response to Rinder's black PR letter.



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