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Important Note: This document is an exhibit to Armstrong Declaration 10-23-1985, received from the FBI pursuant to an FOIA request, and retransmitted to the FBI in Armstrong's FOIA appeal.

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37 Fitzroy Street, London, W.1

Re-issued from Sthil

Assn Secs
HCO Secs


(Cancels any previous directions to set up a Special Zone Dept)
(This Policy Letter is mandatory all Central Organizations

           There shall be established on a board level and outside the structure of the Central
Org and HCO but under the board of HASI Ltd, a new department to be called " The
Department of Government Affairs".

           More and more, as governments disintegrate under the threat of atomic war and
communism, central organizations have had to give high executive time to govern-
mental affairs to the great loss of the organizations themselves. The enturbulence
entered into Scientology activities by legal matters, tax matters, and matters of
assisting governments to maintain stability, has sapped our time and fixed our
attention to our own loss.

           Now to remedy this situation, I wish to contain and cordon, in a military sense,
this incursion and to prohibit utterly and completely such entrance (of these matters
or our own project for governments) into Central Org or HCO comm lines. In other
words, Central Orgs and HCOs are run by, for and as Scientology service and activity
units and the special Department of Government Affairs shall handle other matters and
specifically deny such non-Scientology matters entrance into organizational comm

           The Department of Government Affairs shall be headed and directed with a
minimum of personnel and shall not be able to call upon the personnel of the Central
Org or HCO for further assistance than the relay of communications.

           The Director of Government Affairs shall be a fully qualified person of good
judgement subject to control of the Board of Directors and shall be subject to the
advices and directions of the Board and the HCO and Assn Secretary. Only Washington
and South Africa are excluded from supervision of the Dept by the Assn Sec, Org Sec
and HCO Sec. In all other offices the Director of Government Affairs shall be
subordinate to the Assn Sec and HCO Sec.

           Under this department comes the corporation's solicitors, attorneys, chartered
accountants and any attorney or accountant hired directly by the corporation for
outside legal or tax or filing purposes.

           The allotment and issue of shares comes under this department, but the actual
invoicing and banking shall be done as always by the Dept of Accounts or, for HCO, by
the HCO Secretary.

           All contracts, filings with the government, all tax reports and their preparation,
corporation minutes, annual meetings, legal papers, suits against and by the
corporation, whether HASI Ltd or HCO Ltd, all legal investigatory work and
detectives, all contacts with government agents, bureaus and departments, all assistance
to governments, messages to governments, handling answers from governments or
courts shall be cared for by the Department, whether to advance or protect
Scientology or its corporations by government or legal channels.

           All legal documents and the Valuable Document files for HCO and HASI shall be
kept by the Department in a proper safe in accordance with previous rules written for
the keeping and handling of valuable documents.

           All share sales reports and all legal, governmental and corporation reports to be
made to the boards shall be made to it by this Department.

           No shares may be advertised or issued save with the approval of this department.

           No contracts, purchases or mortgages may be undertaken without the approval of
this Department and then only by the action of this Department.


           It is clearly understood that the Department shall not undertake financial
management for the Central Org or HCO nor may it direct the Central Org or HCO on
purely Scientology affairs or Scientology dissemination except where these may
impinge directly upon the government, and even then this Department is enjoined from
forcing government laws or rulings upon the Central Org or HCO by threat of danger or
ominous advices, nor may the Department employ either solicitors nor accountants
who specialize in ominous advices to the Orgs since the Orgs could be discouraged or
impeded by such.

           The object of the Department is to broaden the impact of Scientology upon
governments and other organizations and is to conduct itself so as to make the name
and repute of Scientology better and more forceful. Therefore defensive tactics are
frowned upon in the department. We are not trying to make the Central Orgs and
HCOs "be good". We are trying to make their reach more secure and effective. Only
attacks resolve threats.

           In the face of danger from Govts or courts there are only two errors one can
make: (a) do nothing and (b) defend. The right things to do with any threat are to (1)
Find out if we want to play the offered game or not, (2) If not, to derail the offered
game with a feint or attack upon the most vulnerable point. which can be disclosed in
the enemy ranks, (3) Make enough threat or clamor to cause the enemy to quail, (4)
Don't try to get any money out of it, (5) Make every attack by us also sell Scientology
and (6) Win. If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any
organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to
sue for peace. Peace is bought with an exchange of advantage, so make the advantage
and then settle. Don't ever defend. Always attack. Don't ever do nothing. Unexpected
attacks in the rear of the enemy's front ranks work best.

           Never put the organization on "wait" because of courts or other matters. It's up
to the Department to make the actions of HCO Secs and Org Secs right, not enjoin
right actions on the HCO and Org Secs.

           To win we must have treasure and verve. If a Central Org and HCO function
perfectly as service units then treasure and consequent security for the further advance
are to hand. If the Department operates with verve and elan, even with rashness, it will
afford a screen behind which organizations can work.

           Example: BMA attacks Scientology in Australia via the government. Answer:
throw heavy communication against the weakest point of the BMA-its individual
doctors. Rock them with petitions to have medical laws modified which they are to
sign. Couple the BMA attack with any group hated by the government. Attack
personally by threats or suits any person signing anything for the BMA. Slam the
matter into politics, advance a bill into parliament that strips the BMA of all legal
rights by opening healing to all. Make the attack by the BMA look ridiculous. Attack
medical practices. Investigate horrible practices loudly. (Always investigate loudly
never quietly.) Make the distinct public and governmental impression and BMA
impression that they've run into a barrage of arrows or electronic cannon and that
continued attack by them will cause their own disintegration. As all this is being done
on a thought or idea level the restimulation of their engrams results in the total
impression that they are surrounded by their own dead and the battery may fire again
at any minute. And if one makes in writing not one slanderous or libelous statement,
there is no defense by them. This example is patterned on what just happened and
what we did in Australia where we are winning strongly.

           The personnel of the Department should be freed of past track legal and
governmental overts by the HGC using evening auditing. This is a must or the
Department will otherwise attract attacks. Further, the higher the department
personnel is raised on "control" through running help, the less action will have to be
undertaken by it and the more it will actually accomplish without violent action.

             The goal of the Department is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or
societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is
done by high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to
overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies. Scientology is the only
game on Earth where everybody wins. There is no overt in bringing good order.

            The offices of the Department, so far as is possible, should be so situated as to
bring no government traffic into the main avenues, comm lines or halls of the Central



           Organization or HCO or so as to divert it to the maximum extent from said avenues,
comm lines and halls.

           The following personnel appointments are made, conditional to acceptance, as
Directors of Government Affairs:

           United States: Marilynn Routsong Los Angeles: Dick Steves
South Africa: Jack Parkhouse Australia: Denny Gogerly
London: George Hay New Zealand: Steve Stevens.

           In the United States and South Africa the head of the Department of Government
Affairs shall be also Trustee or Area Director of the Central Organization while the Org
Sec and Assn Sec shall not be, but will be officers of the corporation.

           This policy letter and these appointments are prompted by the following facts:

           1. My own traffic on government legal affairs is far too heavy and I need help of
magnitude on a continental level.
          2. HCO Secs and Assn Secs are having difficulty holding down their Orgs and the
field because of the time demanded by government affairs.
          3. The activity will get heavier rather than lighter.
          (a) The deterioration of government order is accelerating with consequent
confusion in all related affairs;
          (b) Increasing amounts of order must be maintained by us at a governmental
level against the possibility of finding our areas without governments.
          4. We are about to file HASI Ltd and HCO Ltd in all areas with the attendant heavy
legal and governmental action necessary.
          5. We are about to arrange for the release of and the issue of over half a million
pounds of shares to the public, thus making heavy demands on legal and
government lines.
          6. We are about to finance and erect various media of communications, such as radio
stations, on the various continents and this will require enormous amounts of
liaison and action in such a department.
          7. We are about to finance and find new quarters in the United States and such
activities come under the new Department.
          8. Due to new clearing techniques, our sphere of control is widening. This is purely a
case phenomenon, but will be felt heavily by Orgs in the future. It is necessary to
provide comm lines for this widening of influence.

LRH:js.gh cden
Copyright © 1960 L. RON HUBBARD
by L. Ron Hubbard








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