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OSA'S Application for Criminal Charges against Armstrong


To the Head of the Verh-Isetski Regional Department of Internal
Affairs city Ekaterenburg [sic]

To the prosecutor of Ekaternburg [sic]

To the Governor of Sverdlobskaya [sic] region

To the Ombudsman of Sverdlovskaya region

To the Federal Service of Security of the RF in Sverdloskaya [sic]|

To the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RF
in the Urals Federal District

To the Mayor of Ekaterenburg

From the Chairman of the Board of the Regional Public
Organization "The Urals Center "Dianetics"
Gorbunova K.V.


    On 12 of December 2002 a group of persons pre-arranged a collusion to cause a disturbance in
the premises of the Regional Public Organization "The Urals Center Dianetics". The citizens Father
Vladimir Zaitsev and Father Nikita and foreign citizens, who did not want to tell their names, took part
in this disturbance. Among foreign citizens, who caused the disturbance, was the citizen of the USA
Dvorkin A.L., other foreign citizens D. [sic] Armstrong, T. Gandow, Broide P.P. called for actions
against our public organization. The illegal activity of the above mentioned group was the following: they
penetrated to the premises, which was rented by us, without our agreement.

     On 12 of December 2002 approx. at 12 a.m., regardless of repeated prohibitions, these people,
exercising physical strength, penetrated into the premises. They began to walk around it and publicly
insulted the honor and dignity of staff members and members of our organization, (what comes within
the article 130 of the Criminal Code of the RF) and cried: "Here is a totalitarian sect", violating the
principle of equality of all the citizens before the law (art. 136 of the Criminal Code of the RF).
Without any response to our demands to go away, they began to grab the things and documents, which
were placed on the tables, roughly violating our peace, trying to create the conditions, which impede to
a normal work of the public organization (which comes within the article 213 item 2 of the Criminal
Code of the RF).

     After this, V. Zaitsev and A. Dvorkin showed their interest in a pile of documents of
informational nature, which was put on the table, they tried to take them. After I wanted to take them,

page break

V. Zaitsev roughly pulled the papers from my hands. As a result, 100 copies of copied papers were
stolen, and this caused a damage in the amount of 29 rub. 16 kop. Thus, the theft was committed.

     So, the immunity of our premises was roughly violated, the work of our organizations was
disorganized, the docs, which belonged to us, were openly, with the exercise of strength, stolen.

                        [hand-written: were supposed to [end hand-written]
     Theses actions provoked / violence from our side, A. Dvorkin bothered staff members of our org,
overtly violated peace and cried: "I am beaten, the violence is applied".

     The stated circumstances were shot to the video film, the record can be given to hold inspection.
We ask to interrogate persons, who were present:

Mogilny A.V.
Bashkirova B.L.
Stepanova A.V.
Stashkina U.A.
Bashkirov B.N.
Svechnikov D.A.
Savostiev O.V.
Maltsev A.A.
We shall provide, that they will appear to explain.

     We ask you to take measures, which are provided for by the law in relation to the members of
this group of people. And we inform you, that G. Armstrong was brought to justice for his illegal
activity. Namely, the Supreme court of the state California, County of Marin, case #157680, sentenced
G. Armstrong to be guilty and demanded him to pay the compensation in the amount of $300 000 to the
plaintiff. The Supreme Court of state California county of Marin, case #152229, awarded the Order to
immediately arrest G. Armstrong, who purposely violated the writ 13 times. Also, the Supreme Court
of California county of Marin, case #157680, #152229 declared, that the defendant G. Armstrong is
guilty in 13 acts of contempt of court. Also he is punished for the previous contempt of authorities by
the fine $200 for each infringement (totally $2600) and confinement in the County Jail for a period 48
hours for each infringement (totally 26 days). G. Armstrong should appear before the Court of the
county of Marin, obeying the law, or should be brought to suffer punishment till 10 of February
1998. In case G. Armstrong does not obey to the mandate of the court, the bench warrant will be issued
to arrest him immediately and subject to confinement, till the punishments for the contempt of the court
are fulfilled.

Tel. Number of the org. 70-03-07. Address str. Papanina, 9, storey 8.

     __________________Gorbunova K.V.



This document in .pdf format.

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