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Ron the Humoritarian® (or is that the Humortician®)


Scientology makes the addled more addled ® and more addled and more addled until they are seriously insane.

In 1952 Hubbard writes:


Nearly everyone has had to convince somebody that they were valuable to the

Many individuals who were having fun in their activities have had to con-
vince somebody else that they were valuable to the group. The group has long
felt that people making a contribution should be solemn-faced, arduous and hard-
working. When someone accuses, "That isn't really serious business. You should
buckle down to your schoolbooks," a child has to invent excuses as, "Oh, I
am doing this to learn all about machinery," even though he may only have been
taking to pieces an old alarm clock. There is an occasional husband who is
forced to convince his wife each evening that he put in a slavish day at work,
when actually he enjoys the stories, the jokes on the foreman and the daily
routine. Later he wonders why the work becomes so serious and such a drudgery.
When one pretends about this business of living, he has to match up to his

When life becomes serious, a man becomes less cause and greater effect. If
life gets really serious, his value drops to practically zero. Driving a car can
become such serious business that one can wreck the car. Running a business
can become so serious as to make it fail. There is a direct connection between
insanity and seriousness:

Not Serious

What is the emotion of thinking something is serious? Scan it. Scan all the
seriousness off the case. It is only when an individual progresses in life to a
point where much seriousness is attached to things that he begins to have a hard
time. The ancient Italian really knew what he was about when he considered that
the only psychotherapy was laughter.

— The Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, Volume 2, No. 8, February, 1952 “Cause and Effect.” © 1991 L. Ron Hubbard Library

Sometime in early 1977, apparently, this cartoon appears in Jim Berry’s syndicated single panel “Berry’s World:”

Operation Funny Bone Page 1

"I WAS into EST, Primal Therapy, Yoga, Scientology,
Hare Krishna, Transcendental Meditation — NOW I'm
into money!"

Somehow, Hubbard gets his hands on Berry’s cartoon, and, having had by this time twenty-some-odd years of Scientology, is hopelessly insane, and doesn’t think it’s a joke.

Hubbard is at this time living at the new secret base in La Quinta, California and probably feeling amazingly megalomaniacal because he’s pulled off the great escape from Florida, the money is rolling in to the Clearwater operation and keeps rolling right into his Religious Research Foundation bank account, and he’s got the GO, as he ordered, mowing down the IRS.

So he sends an order to Dick Weigand, Deputy Guardian for Intelligence in the U.S. Guardian’s Office to disenfranchise the unwitting, but obviously unserious and therefore eminently sane, Jim Berry.

Well Weigand gets the GO US Intel Bu’s National Operations Officer -- doubtlessly Randy Windment, also known as Bruce Raymond – to mock up a merry little intel op to execute Hubbard’s disenfranchisement order. And Windment, obviously not yet as serious and therefore as insane as Hubbard, calls his dastardly operation “Op Funny Bone.”

In his April 28, 1977 CSW (Completed Staff Work) to Weigand to get approval for Funny Bone, Windment says that it’s “very similar to the successful Kensolving Op that [Windment] mocked that cost him alot of his papers.” He’s referring to Lester Kinsolving, who is or was an Episcopal minister and syndicated columnist, and now has a radio show. http://www.leskinsolving.com/ In the early 1970’s, Kinsolving apparently wrote about Paulette Cooper, who was then being fair gamed by the cult, and pulled in an op from Windment.

Windment writes that Funny Bone “should be fun” for the Assistant Guardians for Intelligence in the outer areas, and it would be, because destroying people’s careers and lives, after all, is what Scientologists like these do for fun. It’s what they mean by “Keeping Scientology Working” -- “a deadly serious activity.”

Op Funny Bone is to involve Ops Nat Windment, all the US Intel Bu Secs, the DG I Pac[ific], all the AG Is across the U.S., and 30 to 40 covert intel operatives (FSM’s) per AG I who will change every week as the op continues until Berry loses his syndicated publication. These guys are indeed deadly serious.

The Op is a great study in the organized duplicity of Scientologists. The language really is the way they communicate: e.g., “Berry has 1.1ed Scientology;” “so that he can no longer SP Scientology;” “see what hate buttons you can get.” They falsely accuse Jim Berry of being 1.1, and then require that all these hundreds of Scientologists actually be covertly hostile to destroy him – for a joke.

28 April 77
Hand Route
Very Private



Dear Dick,

SITUATION. Ron wanted the attached cartoonist disenfranchised.

Data: The attached Op is a simple Op very similar to the successful
Kensolving Op that I mocked that cost him alot of his papers.

It's simple to do and should be fun for the AG I's in outter areas.

Solution: Impliment the attached OP.

This is OK   R  




Randy [Initial: R]

Image of this document


28 April 77



INFORMATION: Jim Berry has 1.1ed Scientology in attached
cartoon: It is desired that this fellow no longer has a
sindicated publication.

MAJOR TARGET: To cause Jim Berry to lose his sindicated
publication so that he can no longer SP Scientology.

PRIMARY TARGETS: All USB1 Secs are on Post operating.

The worth while purpose of this action is to remove JB
from his position of power, so that he cannot attack
the C of S.

USB1 Ops Nat is responsible for the over all planning of
this project.

Each concerned USB1 Sec is responsible for seeing that
the assigned targets in his area get done.

Each USB1 Sec is responsible for any debugging necessary
on this project/ working in liaison with Ops Nat USB1.

Each AG I concerned, is responsible for seeing that any
targets assigned to him/her are done.

VITAL TARGETS: That all concerned ensure that SECURITY
is IN on this project.

That the publications that "carry" JB's cartoons are found.

That all production personnel that work on this project
star rate M4 check out on this project.

Image of this document


funny bone



1) Do a suitable guize telephone call to the NEA - the
Newspaper Enterprise Association - their headquarters
are in Cleveland and NYC. Contact their L.A. office
if they have one if not get hold of the others. Find out
what areas of the US they circulate JB's cartoon. You
can be an enterprising amature cartoonist who is trying to
get some info on the subject and your stuff is some what
like JB's. Or you could be a free lancer who is doing
an article on syndicated business; or you can be a
student to is doing a paper on the same subject. See
what buttons you can get ( hate buttons ) on this call
concerning cartoonist.

"gosh, I bet some of this cartoonist are pretty tempermental
you know like artists. Do you ever have any problems with
them - I mean like JB - etc. Boy I sure appreciate your
help etc".      Follow this down as needed.


2) Write up these findings above and get them to Ops Nat.


3) Ops Nat is to include the above findings/buttons etc
with a copy of this Op and send this to all the USB1 Secs
concerned. ( where ever publications use JB's cartoons.

DG I PAC [Handwritten:] Ops Nat


4) Each USB1 Sec is to send out to all concerned AG I's
the following targets.

concerned Secs

Image of this document



funny bone

Project Funny Bone targets for concerned AG Is

a) Find all the publications you can in your area that print
Berry's World - see attached cartoon. Make a list of these.

b) Take one of the above publications and have a trusted FSM
look through as many as possible "back" issues to obtain
other examples of "Berry's World."

c) As the tone of these is 1.1, there should be many buttons
of persons that are being pressed. eg: a joke on Poles:
a joke on Catholics: a joke on Jews: a joke on any ethnic
groups: make a list of this person types or ethinics.

d) Recruit several FSMs that can write letters.

e) Have the FSMs write to leaders of the ethnic groups of
whatever turns up, and complain about the insulting cartoon
that you just came accross. Suggest that the group write
letters to the publication in question demanding that
the publication drop the cartoon. And to say that their
members will drop the publication if they don't drop

f) AG I should read all letters going out to ensure that
no mention of Scn. is made. The letters should not be mailed
all from one place and they all should be sent a good distance
from any Org or Mission. All the addresses (return) should be
different and spread around the City.

g) Do b - g to all the publications discovered in target "a".


h) As each new cartoon come s out for all the publications in
target "a", have several FSMs write letters to the editor (diff-
erent types) complaining about what ever can be complained about
in the cartoon EG: shouldn't make fun about Firemen: shouldn't
ridicule the poor, etc. Some of these letters should state
that the complainer is dropping the publication and many of
his "Firemen friends/"poor friends" are doing the same. AG I
should read all letters before going out. Return addresses
should be away from the Org or missions and not near to each

i) Continue this above action with 30 or 40 FSMs,each week
changing the FSMs , or each day/month as the publications
come out. Send up to US weekly reports on the results of
these actions.

[Handwritten:] Randy OPS Nat

Image of this document

On May 10, 1977, Allen Hubbert, the AG Intel AOLA, reports to the Pac Sec for Intelligence Sandy about a “suitable guise call” he made to Newspaper Enterprise Association that syndicated Berry’s cartoon. The “Sandy” might be Sandy Cooper, actually Sherry Hermann, but this is uncertain.

ag i AOLA


10 May 1977



Dear SAndy,

     DG I PAC asked me to do a suitable guise call to the
Newspaper Enterprise Association in New York and find out
what I could about Jim Berry, especially any buttons of
his seniors towards him.

     I called the group and was able to get very little actual
data on him. In fact, they seemed really reluctant to give
out info on one of their cartoonists and kept referring me to
his work for examples of his attitudes about various things.

     One point did come out in that he is considered to be
a "Social Satirist", not a political cartoonist or any other
kind. The man I spoke to said that Berrys cartoon is carried
at about 700 papers around the country and that he must xx
maintain a "middle-of-the-road" political image because out
of those hundreds of Editors, some are conservative and some are

     The cartoon runs mostly in papers with small x circulation
and is sold only as a package deal with other feature items such
as the cross-word puzzle, a Bridge column, a chess column, and
some other s. It is not possible for a paper to subscribe only
to the "Berry's World" cartoon.  News items are also contained
in the package deal that includes Berry's work.

     The Newspaper Enterprise Assocaition has an office in
Walnut Creek, Calif. and the man in charge of that office is
Rick Forker. The number is 714-937-8058.

     That's is all I got on it.  Portraying Berry as a Liberal
to Conservatives or xxxxx vice versa may have a good effect.




P.S. My number is


Image of this document

On May 28, 1977, Gregory Willardson, the Acting DG I US, writes for Weigand to the Intel Area Secs about Op Funny Bone. Weigand was removed from post sometime during May 1977, and Willardson appears to be picking up the Hubbard ordered disenfranchising of Jim Berry that originally had gone to Weigand.

“Brian” is probably Brian Andrus. “Gary” is possibly Gary Lawrence. “Sandy,” as mentioned above, might be Sandy Cooper. And “Donna” I don’t know.

B1 Area Secs 28 May 77

A/DG I US cc: Ops Natl
cc: Natl Sec

RE: Berry's World

Dear Sandy, Brian, Donna and Gary,

Attached is Op Funny Bone. It was done off of
a recent LRH order to myself, so needless to say
I want the actions done fast,

What is needed is for each AG I to determine for
their own area if Berry's World cartoon is carried.

From that point then the Op can be sent to them.
When they are determining if the cartoon is carried
ensure that they have enough data to work with as
they will not all need the Op right away (unless we
find out that the cartoon is carried in their area).

So please get started on this right away and add it
to your battle plan this week to get the orgs going
on finding the circulation.

I suggest telex lines for this initial cycle.


Greg (for Dick)

Source: http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/ops/funnybon/funnybon.htm

What makes this unfunny Funny Bone ultimately hilarious are the other events going on with the same participants at the same time that will very shortly and abruptly terminate the op, and a lot of other unfunny Scientology ops as well. On April 28, when Windment is CSWing to Weigand to get Funny Bone approved, Michael Meisner, who is wanted by the FBI in connection with a series of burglaries of U.S. Federal buildings, is flapping in the Serrano Street apartment in LA where the GO is hiding him. That day Mary Rezzonico, Andrus and Jim Fiducia visit Meisner to cool him down, and AG Legal D.C. Kendrick Moxon reports on increasing Grand Jury noises.

On April 29, DG US Henning Heldt reports to Mary Sue Hubbard that Meisner is threatening to return to D.C. and that he is ordering Meisner to be restrained and guarded. The same day, Andrus carries out the order and reports back that Meisner has reacted violently. On April 30, Andrus, Willardson, Weigand and three guards visit Meisner, threaten him and strip his apartment of any Scientology-related materials.

The next day, May 1, Andrus, two other Intel Bu personnel Peeter Alvet and Chuck Reese and two bodyguards visit Meisner, handcuff him behind his back, gag him, drag him out of the building, force him onto the back floor of a waiting car, hold him down with their feet, and take him to an apartment on Descanso Drive, in LA. On May 10, when Allen Hubbert is writing his report on his suitable guise call to NEA in New York, Michael Meisner is still under guard on Descanso.

By late May, Meisner has lulled his GO Intel bosses and guards into believing he is cooperating. On May 28, Greg Willardson sends Op Funny Bone to the Intel Area Secs for forwarding to the AGIs in their zones, and on May 29 Meisner jumps in a cab and escapes, and takes a Greyhound to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meisner calls his GO bosses in LA, they track him down in Las Vegas and talk him into coming back with them, and he’s locked up for another month, this time in an apartment on South Verdugo in Glendale. On June 10, Meisner’s GO partner in the D.C. crime spree Gerald Wolfe is sentenced for use of a forged official pass, and immediately is subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury investigating the burglaries. On June 12 Meisner is given a copy of Wolfe’s Grand Jury testimony so he can adjust his cover-up story. On June 13, Meisner is given a letter from Mary Sue Hubbard warning him that if he escapes again he will be on his own.

On June 20, Meisner escapes again, calls an Assistant U.S. Attorney in D.C., says he’s ready to surrender, plead guilty for his participation in the GO’s criminal activities, and cooperate with the U.S. He is met by three FBI agents, flown to Baltimore, met by two more FBI agents, taken to the A.U.S. Attorney, and is granted protective custody by the U.S. Marshall Service. http://www.rickross.com/reference/scientology/scien411.html

On July 8, 1977 about 150 FBI agents execute search warrants on Scientology’s Intelligence Bureau offices in D.C. and LA, seizing hundreds of thousands of pages of intelligence documents, including these from Operation Funny Bone. Hubbard, of course, flees from La Quinta and goes into hiding in Sparks, Nevada.

So here’s this bunch of dedicated Scientology intelligence operatives infiltrating the U.S. Federal Government, burglarizing their offices, stealing documents, and creating phony official passes. Things go very awry, one agent gets caught and they hide, lock up, batter and kidnap another one. And into all this, Ron the Spymaster® sends this order to destroy Jim Berry the cartoonist because somewhere doing all that Scientology the Spymaster lost his sense of humor. The GO Intel network is busy carrying out Hubbard’s Snow White Program, for which eleven key intel personnel will be sent to Federal prison, and he has them mustering virtually the whole network to resolve his petty, insane tantrum turned on by an utterly innocuous cartoon. What a joke.

And speaking of jokes, it was right around the time that Jim Berry ticked him off so violently that Hubbard wrote the bulletin that will forever make him their butt – HCOB of 5 February 1977 C/S Series 100 “Jokers and Degraders.” It’s pretty clear that Hubbard didn’t dedicate it to that ancient Italian who really knew what he was about.

No, Hubbard’s paranoia, insanity and seriousness kept right on progressing, just like Scientology. In 1978, a year after the FBI raid, and a year after the exposure of Operation Funny Bone, Hubbard achieved Clear OT Seriousness, attesting to the level of absolute stark raving madness when he assigned six people on the La Quinta Cinematography crew to the RPF because he thought they were joking about his movie making. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/findings-recs-1978-10-04.html

By his inability to take a joke Hubbard went insane. In his terror of being laughed at he became a laughingstock. With his covert operation to stop a cartoonist he became a cartoon.

And Jim Berry? Well he kept right on cartooning until the beginning of this year.
http://www.capecodchronicle.com/feature_072403.htm Thanks for the laughs, Jim.


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