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TO: Stavanger Likningskontor og Folkeregister
Berglandsgaten 30
4012 Stavanger
(Directorate of taxes)
P.B. 6300 Etterstad - Fr. Selmers vei 4 - N-0603 Oslo

Dear Sir or Madam:

Witness testimony in a United States civil dispute recently revealed that the Florida-based hate group, LMT, Inc., received $300,000 US from an entity known as quot;Operation Clambake." The registered owner of this entity is Norwegian citizen Andreas Heldal-Lund.

Heldal-Lund works for Hays IMS in Stavanger, Norway, as a database coordinator/computer supervisor. He is not listed on the company website, either as a shareholder, or in any executive capacity. Yet, according to the testimony of LMT, Inc., President Stacy Brooks, somehow Heldal-Lund managed to amass this considerable sum and forward it to LMT.

LMT, Inc., is a profit-making corporation. Therefore this transaction raises the following questions:

  1. How did Heldal-Lund acquire these funds?
  2. Did Heldal-Lund pay tax on these funds?
  3. How did Heldal-Lund transfer the $300,000 from Norway to the United States?
  4. The majority of this $300,000 was later transferred into the personal possession of Robert S. Minton. Was this repayment of a loan, as Brooks testified, or were these funds intended for Minton in the first place?

It is noteworthy that anti-religious extremist and fugitive from US justice, Gerald Armstrong, a close associate of Robert Minton, has been traveling in Europe, possibly on business for Minton. Armstrong’s travel itinerary included Norway. Is it possible that Armstrong’s reason for visiting Norway was to deliver funds to Heldal-Lund which could then be laundered through Minton’s LMT, Inc., into Minton’s personal account?

The deposition transcript of the above-mentioned testimony was published to an internet newsgroup. As the transaction in question was channeled through an anti-religious hate group, Religious Freedom Watch feels obliged to pass this information on to the proper Norwegian authorities.

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