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OCTOBER 17, 1985

MH= Mitra Hall; DG= Don Graham, FBI Agent; RG= Roger Geller, attorney

MITRA HALL: Mitra . . . M, I, T, R, A.

D0N GRAHAM: Right. Right. And the last name.

MH: Hall . . . H, A, L, L. That's half of my last name but that's

what I usually use.

DG: Ok, and where do you live Mitra?

MH: 75 St. Alphonsus. S, T . . .

DG: Right . . .

MH: . . . point, 11, L, P, H .

DO: Right . . .

MH: . . . O, N, S, U, S.

DG: . . . S, U, S. Street?

MH: That's it. Yes, it's a street. The number of the apartment is


DG: Number 1704.

MH: And, it's in Boston.

DG: Okay. Do you have a telephone number there Mitra?

MH: 734-

DG: 734-

MH: 6314

DG: 6314. All right. You want to tell me what happened?

MH: I did meet this guy - this person in the street that told me

he was an FBI agent.

DG: Right. Where did this occur?

MH: 0n Mass Ave.

DG: Okay, about where an Mass Avenue?

MH: Between Boylston and Newbury. In front of the Auditorium Train



Page 2 TRANSCRIPT OF MITRA MALL - Complaint to FBI re Gerry Armstrong
dated October l7, 1985

Another voice: Tape's stopped.

DG: Okay. When did this happen?

MH: Sunday.

DG: Which would have been the 13th?

MH: Yes.

DG: About what time of the day?

MH: Two o'clock. Might have been just past.


MH: Yes.

DG: Okay. What occurred?

MH: I was saying something to this other person. I told him that

he was anti-social and this guy from behind me called me and

said said "Then well I'm social you can ask me". I had never

heard anyone else say that so I was being curious and turned around and

asked him would you like to do a personality test. That's what

I do.

DG Hmm Uh.

MH: Okay. And ah.. Are you ready?

DG: Okay. Then what happened ?

MH: Then he said "Are you from Dianetics and Scientolgy"?

DG: Okay.

MH: I said "Yes of course and I'm a very good Scientologist too".

I usually say that to people when they want to bother me.

DG: Okay. All right.


Page 3 TRANSCRIPT OF MITRA HALL - Complaint to FBI re Gerry Armstrong
dated October 17, 1985

MH: And he said - This is exactly what he said: "I'm an FBI Agent..

DG: Okay.

MH: I know Ron is still alive," or maybe he said "We know Ron's still alive."

RG: Referring to Mr. Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology.

DG: Okay. All right. Then what occurred?

MH: Then he said: "But he's running -"

DG: Okay.

MH: "He's running from his own people too."

DG: All right.

MH: But meant that he was running from two different sides and

then he said "We're going to shut you down in two years. That's a

prediction . That's a prediction for you".

DG: Okay. Then what?

MH: Then, I kind of looked up and he had a very strange (inaudible)

said " Yeah, good, carry on. You tried to do this in other places

too, Australia, you didn't succeed, try again". And he didn't seem

to be listening, he was waiting for the bus.

DG: Did you walk away from him?

MH: Yes.

DG: Did he attempt to follow you?

MH: No.

RG: (This is said over the tape) So the total conversation was about

a minute?

MH: (Mitra is still talking).. two or three minutes actually.

DG: Okay. And do you know who this individual was?


Page 4 - TRANSCRIPTION OF MITRA HALL - Complaint to FBI re Gerry Armstrong
dated October 17, 1985

MH: I described it and was shown a picture of this...

DG: When you went back to the Church?

MH: Yes. I described it to the Church and my description was very close

to this person.

DG: Okay.

MH: Especially, the way the eybrows were on his...

DG: Okay. Well who was this person?

MH: Gerry Armstrong. It was his picture.

DG: Okay. And do you know anything more about Mr. Armstrong?

RG: I believe I know his, or can locate his address. I'd also like to

state a little meager background information about Mr. Armstrong.

DG: Hmm. Uh.

RG: He was a former member of the Church of Scientology in California,

and has been sued by the Church and has instituted legal action

against the Church and I belive most recently he had also impersonated

an FBI Agent or said that he was working with the FBI and was taped

in Los Angeles - both videotaped

DG: Hmm. Uh.

RG: and sound recorded with the knowledge and permission of the Los

Angeles Police Department. He's recently moved to Boston , so there's

a whole history of enmity towards Scientology and Mr. Hubbard on

the part of this fellow.

DG: Okay.

RG: We don't know exactly that he's doing here in Boston, but if he's

walking around telling people that he's from the Bureau..


Page 5 - TRANSCRIPTION OF MITRA HALL - Complaint to FBI re Gerry Armstrong
dated October 17, 1985

DG: Right. Do you know.. Do you have an address for him?

RG: I do, but I don't have it and I'll have to call you tomorrow.

DG: All right. I won't be here. I'll have someone get in touch

with you at your office.

RG: Okay.

DG: And you can give them whatever additional information you have

concerning Armstrong.

RG: Fine. Mitra has done an affidavit....

DG: Okay.

RG: which basically sets forth what she has told you.

DG Okay.

RG: including how she came to recognise Mr. Armstrong photographs

and what not that she was shown.

DG: Okay. Very good.

RG: In talking to her and also in reviewing the 18 U.S.C. Section 912,

it seems to me that what he was doing was trying to... he approached

her in sort of a threatening way and used the force of the authority

of the Bureau to sort of lend credence to his threat

DG: Hmm Uh.

RG: The way I read the Section 912 there is somewhat from our phone

conversation this morning where you say that in order to constitute

a violation of this section there has to be done with the purpose of

obtaining something of value or information of value. I read the

statute to say whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer

or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any

Department and acts as such information is enough to constitute that crime

DG: Well, we'll just look into that.


Page 6 - TRANSCRIPTION OF MITRA HALL - Complaint to FBI re Gerry Armstrong

RG: Of course, I mean I just...

DG: Yeah

RG: I mean I'm fully aware that there was no extortion done here. I mean

he didn't try to get something or get information or get money

from Mitra but he did try to intimidate her and used the Bureau as

a way to do that and we are , we meaning, the Church and I as their

attorney am concerned that this type of behavior is going on and

we would like it to be investigated.

DG: Sure and that's why we are bringing the information forth

RG: And I don't want to make any - I don't want to leave any false

impression but there is a long history with this individual

and you know, in the past he's denied situations. When this other

incident occurred in Los Angeles, he's denied. We wouldn't be

surprised if he denies this but, Mitra is willing to swear and in

fact has done so that this has occurred. She has no axe to grind

with this guy. She's never met him before and we think that she should,

her word should be given a great deal credulity.

DG: Okay. Will somebody be in touch with you to get the additional

information and the description information and so forth.

RG: Yeah.

DG: Good. Thank you vary much for coming over. Nice talking with you.

RG: Thank you very much for seeing us. Bye bye.

MH: Thank you.

DG: Good meeting you Mitra.

RG: This is the end of the interview. Anything else on this tape has

nothing to do with Mr. Armstrong.





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