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See also:  Armstrong's Notes on Damages Claims Special Banks Estimate

Note: January 2, 2004. We have just been advised by one of his family members that, contrary to Scientology's statement in its 1981 "Estimate" that Hobart Lewis is deceased, he is still alive -- and writing poetry. We're glad that Scientology is again dead wrong. Welcome back, Mr. Lewis.


oct. 8,1981

Re: Damages Claims Special Bank


Dear Tom;

          Following the completion of going through about 30
feet of information and making the cards for the connections
I had a count done of the fat files.

          Out of almost 200 hundred files pulled and cards made
from these I ended up with a count of 37 fat files. From
this I discarded those that were either not on the lines,
clients, or what-have-you.

          I then ended up with just 8 fat files of interest,
one was a group and that left me 7 individuals.(Readers
Digest was the group). The individuals in order of frequency
coming up in the cards are: Michael Flynn,Paulette Cooper,
Laurence Rockefeller, Margaret Singer, Nan McLean, Eugene
Methvin and John Clark.

Flynn is the obvious one, he's out front, doing the attacking
but the question has always been with us and that is,where
does he get his funds from, how can he continue the attack
without getting paid. Also it has been said in the past that
he is not fighting his litigation to win, but apparently for
some other purpose.

Cooper, well she's been around for 13 years. McLean the same
thing, been around for years attacking.

That left me with Methvin,Digest,Singer,Clark and Rockefeller.
Now that is except for one thing that came up during this
estimate, that the ROCKEFELLER lines connect into the Boston
area and to Paulette Cooper & Nan McLean. It also connects
into Methvin,Digest,Singer and Clark, and to Flynn.

The Rockefeller money lines flow directly into Dr.John
Clark on several different avenues. Rockefeller money
also flows directly to Margaret Singer and to Readers

However, the funding of Michael Flynn, Paulette Cooper and
Nan Mclean has never been totally explained.

The following facts support the above data as regards to the
Rockefeller lines and money into the Boston damages scene:

— During the 1981 legislative fight to defeat the
New York State Assemblyman's bill introduced by
Howard Lasher, it was found that Harry Albright,
a close friend and business associate of Nelson
Rockefeller was the who behind this bill. He is
also one of the biggest bankers in the State.



— Another lobbyist for this ARM Bill is Andrew
Fisher,attorney and son of Harold Fisher,
President of Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg
NY. Albright is President of Dime Savings for
New York and connected with Harold Fisher.

— March 1979 the Albrights try and deprogram their
son out of the HK's with help of Ted Patrick.
The attempt fails and the Albrights are forced
to turn states evidence against Patrick.

— Albright worked for Nelson Rockefeller when he
was Governor of NY State as his Executive Asst.
and later went to work for Nelson as his Special

— Albright in 1981 joins Dr.John Clark's American
Family Foundation's Center on Destructive Cultism
and his wife is on the Advisory Board.

— Harry Albright, also a trustee of the Bodman
Foundation and gives $25,000 to CDC.

— Irving Chase, step-father to damages claims
case, Ann Bailey(blown Sea Org member) is of
the Chase family of the Chase Manhattan Bank
which is owned and run by the Rockefeller family.

— Irving Chase is past present of the National Assoc.
of Mental Health, past presidential advisor to
World Mental Health and the Massachusetts Mental
Health Association.

— Per FOI docs he was around and on the lines in
Boston when the CofS launched its attacks on
mental health is that city, mind control,human
experimentation, psycho-surgery.

— Ann Bailey's mother is the daughter of the former
Governor of the State of Massachusetts and her
sister, Ann Bradford Mathias is wife of Senator
Charles Mathias.

— Mrs. Charles Mathias is also on the board of
advisors of Clark's CDC group and active in
soliciting Senators and Congressman to join
in their cause and support CDC.

— About one month after Flynn filed the LVS suit
in Boston, Lavenda was in comm with someone at
the Irving Chase home.

— One month before Flynn filed the LVS suit he
spoke with our atty Ralph Sullivan and said that
there were many people who would finance this
suit who have children in "cults" similar to
Scientology, in response to Sullivan's charge
someone is financing it as the Van Schaicks had
no money.

— Also in Nov.79 Flynn asked Sullivan if he knew
Dr. John Clark,LVS said that a psychiatrist aided
her in deciding to sue the Church after he depro-
grammed her.



— Marjorie Hansen said she had gone to see Dr.
John Clark 5 times, she too is a damages case.

— The original Flynn complaint in parts is written
verbatim from a paper by Dr. John Clark called
"Cults" published in the Journal of American
Medical Association(JAMA).

— Flynn was in comm with Gary McMurray and the
Oregon Attorney General's Office early on before
he filed LVS.

— Dr. John Clark testified at the Christo trial
along with Dr.Margaret Singer, who counseled
Julie Christofferson about 10 times.

— Singer is reported to "live off of grants" from
various foundations including Rockefeller connected
foundations (William T. Grant Fdn and William
McAlphin Award which she got)

— William Dietel, President of the Rockefeller
Brothers Fund tried to talk Gail O'Neil out of
Scn using entheta about it and Cooper,England
and Australia. This was in Jan.78, the family
lives in New York.

— George O'Neil, Gail's father, then in Dec.79,
just a few days after Flynn filed the LVS suit,
showed Gail seized docs and tried to get her
to talk to a CofS "defector."

— In May 1981 Gail was talked to by former CofS
member and defector, Nan McLean who tried using
seized docs and talking to Gail to get her out
of Scn.

— George 0'Neil said that Dr. John Clark erferred
Nan McLean to him but the time of this is not

— Gail O'Neil's grandmother is Abby Mauze Rockefeller
sister of Nelson,Laurence,Winthrop and John D III.
Her mother Abby 0'Neil is a trustee of the
Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

— In 1975 Yorke Allen, Administrator for the
Rockefeller Brothers Fund is in comm with
Daphine Gree, ARMer, and he is reported to
have given money to her to set up a "new religions"
library at GTU(Graduate Theologian Union).

— Yorke Allen in 1981 is a State representative in
Conn. and is viciously pushing a Conn version
of the NY Lasher Bill.

— Yorke Allen was also reportedly feeding entheta
on the Moonies to Laurence Rockefeller in 75.

— Nelson Rockefeller,when Governor of NY State in
1973 had his Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz
investigate the Children of God.

— This same office conducted an investigation of
Scientology for about 4 years,1966-70). The same
person who wrote the report on COG,Herb Wallenstein
also investigated the CofS.



— Dr.John Clark's Group,Center on Destructive
Cultism,CDC is attempting to get $26,000
from the Pew Foundation through George O'Neil
as of June 81.

— William Dietel,President of the Rockefeller
Brothers Fund(Gail O'Neil's mother is a
trustee of it and Yorke Allen is Administrator)
gave $25,000 to Dr.Clark's group.

— Dietel is also trying to close other foundations
to give noney to Clark, MacArthur Foundation is
one. (July 81).

— Harry Albright also got $1,000 from the Charlepeg
Fdn for CDC.

— Other foundations they are working on to get
money are Scaife Fdn($50,000),Ford Fdn($50,000),
and many others. As of July 81.

— Between O'Neil,Dietel,Mrs. Mathias and Schecter
of the Advisory Board they are on the lines with
no less than 5 Senators and one Congessman
in an attempt to close them to support CDC.
This is as of July 81.

— The professional fund raisers CDC has on its
Advisory Board include as their past and present
clients, Massachusetts Mental Health Association,
American Security Council, Institute for American
Strategy,McLean Hospital and others. Listed out
in July 8l.

— Margaret Singer is also spoke to the CDC members
in July 81 and attacked Scientology.

— Eugene Methvin of Readers Digest is on the Advisory
Board of CDC as of July 81.

— LVS testified in Mass on the Sen.King ARM Bill
in April 1980.

Based on the data to hand the PREDICTION is:

There is a plan to increase legislative pressure
against "cults" that will come out of Washington,
D.C. with big money behind this upcoming attack
funded by giant foundations, which are Rockefeller
fronts and Rockefeller connected.

That Flynn will very likely make available his
clients in Washington,D.C. should any legislation
come up out of this push.

SITUATION: Intelligence in Boston and US have failed to
handle the real target which is what is behind
Flynn as they were busy pushing the collection of data
and not digesting it thus allowing major WHO's
behind Flynn damages cases to go undetected.

WHO: From the data we have it is Rockefeller Brothers
Fund and Rockefeller family and Rockefeller
connected bankers




1. Evaluate this entire scene by Monday,Oct.12,1981
with a complete handling worked out in alignment
with Juggernaut.

T/CIC Dir Info

--page break--


Damages Claims Special Bank Estimate


After going over some 168 files from CIC, which amounted
to about 30 feet of files, the cardindex was made up. I had
gone over the list of names made up from the card index who
had the fattest files(most cards).

I discounted the obvious fat files, like the actual damages
claims cases themselves. From what was left I made up a
list of those who were the fattest. These were:

Michael Flynn
Paulette Cooper
Readers Digest
Margaret Singer
Nan McLean
Eugene Methvin
John Clark
1 1/2"
(Approx.440 cards)
(Approx.440 cards)
(Approx.300 cards)
(Approx.240 cards)
(Approx.240 cards)
(Approx.220 cards)
(Approx.180 cards)
(Approx.180 cards)

Others who had fat files who I discarded as they were
either ARMer's and not connected to the scene or legislators
who didn't figure into the scene on damages claims cases.

From the files I then pulled on the above and others) I
found a common denominator which was not known about before
and which brings us to new horizons.

The following is the total picture that I have put together
from the data culled from the files, which shows the who(s)
behind the Damages Claims cases.


This was the one thing that came up throughout my review
and which was a piece of new data that was not known totally
about prior.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has long been a contributor
to causes which are anti-man and in some cases which are

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave to the WFMH when it was
in its prime years(57-58) and supported it for many years.

It was noted in the Christo Special Bank Estimate that
through the Vollum's and Howard Vollum's firm,Tektronics,
there was a connection directly into the Menninger Clinic
in the mid-fifties, where Vollum paid for the treatment
of a Tektronics engineer who had been involved in Dianetics.

The treatment took place at the clinic,which in 1950 was an
early attacker of Dianetics. When the Menninger Clinic was
formed it was done so with Rockefeller money,also Winfred
Overholser was on the Board of the Clinic from its beginnings
in 1941-1944.

In Boston and in the Damages Claim scene, this Rockefeller
connection shows up early on in Scientology's history there.



For years Scientology had been getting attacked heavily
by the American Medical Associations' Committee on
Quackery and the AMA's Department of Investigation.

The head of the Dept of Investigation for many of those
years of attacks was H. Doyl Taylor. He was also the
Secretary of the Committee on Quackery.

One of the key figures on the Committee on Quackery was a
psycho'surgeon by the name of Dr. H. Thomas Ballantine, who
was with the Massachussetts General Hospital.

Ballantine was a long time attacker of Scientology as a
member of this Committee.

During the time that Ballantine was at Mass General Hospital
its Director was Dr.John Knowles. Knowles was also a very
close friend to Nelson Rockefeller.

Knowles was appointed to the post of President of the
Rockefeller Foundation in l972. While he headed the Mass
General Hospital there were mind control experiments going
at Mass Gen.

Dr. Peter Breggin in March 2,1972 attacked psychosurgery
that was going on at Mass Gen, which later lead to the
exposing of mind control experiments there and in other
hospitals in Boston which the Church of Scientology's
CCHR group was involved in.

Knowles died in March 1979 at Mass General Hospital and
while he was going through his grave illness he only
was allowed to see selected vistors which included assocaiates
from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Also in Boston in the 1970's who was also attacking us was
Dr. Gerald Klerman,ex-superintendant of Lindermann Mental
Health Center who was appointed to then President Carters'
Administration on Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health
under Dr.Peter Borne, who was also involved in attacking
us and Narconon. Bourne is also another Rockefeller connection.

In 1971 Readers Digest was in comm with the AMA's Committee
on Quackery and the Dept of Investigation on an article
they did against chiropractors. The head of the Digest
was Hobart Lewis,President and Editor(now dead ) of the
Readers Digest.

Dr. Thomas Ballantine, a very close friend of Lewis' wrote
him a person letter thanking him for the article. He got
Lewis to do the article in the first place. Doyl Taylor
was also helping on the artilce with the writer who did

Lewis also served on a "Blue Ribbon Defense Panel" of the
American Security Council, which also has Rockefeller connections.

DeWitt Wallace ,Founder of the Readers Digest, was close
to the Rockefeller family. His wife,Lila Bell Acheson Wallace
was elected to the Board of Trustees of the New York Zoological
Society whose president was Laurance Rockefeller.

When Nelson Rockefeller was Governor of New York State
and wanted to save a Mansion in Westchester County, the
Wallaces gave and pledged $500,000 to support and maintain
the reconstruction of the Mansion.




While Nelson Rockefeller was Governor of New York State
on 13 Feb.1973 he directed the then Attorney General of
New York, Louis Lefkowitz to investigate the new religion
called Children of God.

Lefkowitz was reportedly one of Rockefeller's closest
advisors. Prior to investigating COG, Lefkowitz's office
conducted a thorough investigation of Scientology(1966-70)
and off and on for a while after that.

The person who actually put this report together on COG
was Herb Wallenstein of the Charitiable Trust Division
of the NY AG's Office. Wallenstein is also the one who
conducted the investigation of the CofS. He is also connected
to Paulette Cooper(back in 1969-70).

In 1975,Yorke Allen, administrator of the Rockefeller
Brothers Fund, was on the lines of an ARMer in the San
Francisco named Daphine Green. Green was also connected
to the Graduate Theological Union(GTU) which was also ARM.

Allen reportedly was funding or assisting the funding of
a library on "new religions". He was reportedly also being
fed entheta on Moonies by Greene and in turn feeding entheta
to Laurance Rockefeller.

Yorke Allen later in 1981 is a Connecticut State Legislator
who was rabidly antagonistic debator in favor of the Conn
conservatorship bill(modeled after the Lasher Bill of NY
State). Allen quoted a letter from Clark re: families and"cults."


One of the more vicious ARM Bills ever introduced in NY
State came from Rep. Robert Wertz, inl978. It made it a
felony to be involved in a "cult"

The Bill never got passed but was introduced the next year
and defeated again.

Assemblyman Wertz was from a wealthy district in Long Island,
NY. He came into the State Legislature in 1970,while Nelson
Rockefeller was Governor. Prior to that he served as an
ombudsman at Creedmore State Hospital and Kings Park State
Hospital. He had three of the four largest State Hospitals
in his District.

He served on the Mental Hygiene Committee since 1970 and
was Chairman of the Subcommittee in 1974. He had strong
political comm lines to Nelseon Rockefeller.

Later in 1979 Wertz reportedly turned over his push on ARM
bills to NY Assemblyman Howard Lasher. He started up his
Child Care Committee hearings on "cults".

In 1980 he introduced ARM bill with alot of push being it
from various areas, mainly ARM perents and Citizens Freedom
Foundation on a national letter writing campaign.


Just prior to Lasher's 1980 bill, some important events
take place.

In Feb.1979 Harry Albright Jr and his wife Joan Albright
begin to arrange the deprogramming of their son Wesley
Albright from the Hare Krisna's(HK's).

Harry Albright is a well connected banker living in Tarrytown
New York(where Nelson Rockefeller lives).

Albright worked as a secretary and Executive Assistant ti
Nelson Rockefeller when he was Governor of NY from 1967-72.
In 1972 he was appointed as State Superintendent of Banks
and then when Nelson Rockefeller became Vice-President of
the US Albright moved with Rocky(1974-75) and was his Special

Then in 1975 Albright is appointed as President of Dime
Savings Bank of NY, the second largest bank in NY State
and in 1980 he assumed the post of Chief Executive Officer
of this bank.

In March 1979 the Albrights attempted to deprogram their
son with the help of Ted Patrick. The attempt failed and
the son filed criminal charges. This occurred in Utah.
Reportedly no charges were brought against the parents in
return for turning State's evidence against Patrick.

Then in 1980 after the Lasher bill was introduced, a big
push is seen on the bill with tremendous constituency pressure
brought on the legislature. This was from letters to the

An examination of these letters showed some hidden pushers
on the Lasher bill, this was not pieced together until 1981.
Two particular letters were written to the Governor from
two prominent bankers in the Albany,NY area, one Frank
Odell,President of the State Bank of Albany and Peter D.
Kiernan, Chairman and President of the United Bank of New

Kiernan appears to be a close family friend of Harry and
Joan Albright from reports.

In 1981 the Lasher bill hit the legislature again and
this time it was found that two prominent women were
actively lobbying for the bill. These were Joan Albright
and Ann Brewster.

Strings were pulled and it was found that Harry Albright
is the prime mover behind the bill.

Another lobbyist on the bill was a Andrew Fisher,attorney
who was pushing Governor Carey's Assistant Counsel's
Karate and McAnaney in support of the bill. Fisher is
the son of Harold Fisher, prominent figure in the Democratic
Party and also a banker.

Harold Fisher is President of the Dime Savings bank of
Williamsburg,NY. Albright is President of Dime Savings of
NY and he and Fisher connect up also are Vice Chairman
of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.



It was learned that Benjamin Brewster ,who was also pushing
behind the scenes with Harry Albright, was the managing
director of the New York State Association of Life Underwriters
and a life insurance agent. He was a lobbyist for the life
insurance industry in NY State.

Brewster's son was involved in The Way International,this
was in 1974 when he got involved. By late 1974 the Brewster's
were in touch with the Boston Return to Personal Choice
group, which was made up of Dr.John Clark, Jean Merritt
and other ARM professionals.

In 1978 their son was still apparently involved and Ann
Brewster in 1979 became an active member of the Albany
Chapter of the CFF(Citizens Freedom Foundation).

Sometime after this the Brewster's got their son out of the
Way by getting him deprogrammed by Ted Patrick, The son
was reportedly receiving psychiatric counselling in Boston
following this. There is no indication who the psych was
but we do know that the Brewster's were connected up to
Dr.John Clark as early as 1974 and that he counsel's
ex-cult members.



Ann Bailey-- Ann was a Sea Org member for about 4 years.
She blew in 1978. When she left she returned to her
home near Boston,Mass. She wrote an SO #1 letter upon
her return and said that she couldn't get involved in
a law suit that her step-father was going to institute
to get her out of Scientology. This was in June 1978.

Ann's step-father is Irving Chase, related to the Chase
family of Chase Manhattan Bank fame(which is owned and
run by the Rockefeller family).

Ann's uncle is Senator Charles Mathias of Maryland,who
is also anti'cult.

Ann's parents(her step-father) and her mother in
comm with Michael Flynn after she left the Church.

Irving Chase is a man of great wealth and connections
especially in the field of mental health. He was the
director of the National Association for Mental Health
(NAMH) in 1971-72, he was the Presidential Advisor
on World Mental Health, and an officer of various
Mass mental health groups.

In 1974,during the heat of our attack in Boston on
mind control,human experimentation and psycho-surgery
there were letters going back and forth from the CofS
of Boston to various mental health groups, and depart-
ments in the State of Mass and it was generally well
known that we were on the attack.

He was also past president of the Mass Mental Health
Association from 1966-69. In 1974 when we were on
the attack in Boston the then Executive Director of the
Mass Mental Health Association, S. Steven Rosner, wrote



a letter to the National Association for Mental Health
Director of Program's Richard Hunter. Rosner attached
to the letter an article about the CofS of Boston
leasing a building(which it is currently housed in).

He said that the enclosed clipping indicates big
plans for this group and he adds that we have been
very active in the Boston area over the past few years.

Rosner cc's Irving Chase on this letter along with

Ann's mother (Rebecca Bradford) is the daughter of
the former Governor of Masschussetts. Her sister is
Ann Bradford Mathias, wife of Senator Charles Mathias.

Although Ann got out of Scientology in 1978 it was not
until Dec.1980 that Michael Flynn wrote a letter demanding
a refund from the Church.

It was later found out in Boston that Lavenda Van
was in communication with someone at the
home of Irving Chase. This was in Jan.1980, this
is one month after the suit was filed by Flynn for LVS.

However there are some indications of possible earlier
connections or contacts to Irving Chase.

Lavenda Van Schaick-- LVS left Scientology from Las Vegas
and went to Boston to leave with her husband,Paul Jr.
When she got there in June 1979 she wrote a letter
to the Msn holder in LV, Barbara Glass which did not
indicate any disaffection to the point of suing the

However, on 17 July 1979 Flynn writes a legal threat
letter to the Church. Then on 27 August 79 he states
in a phone call he wants to sue for damages like was
done in the Portland case. At this time he also states
that LVS is seeing a psychiatrist.

In her affidavit she states that the psychiatrist aidded
her in deprogramming her from the influences of Scn.
She states it was at this time she decided to sue.

In Nov.1979 our attorney Ralph Sullivan met with Flynn
and Sullivan said that he knew LVS didn;t have any
money. Flynn replied, how do you know,just because
they aren't working or something to that effect.

Flynn then went on to state that there were many people
out there who would finance the suit- especially people
who have children in cults similar to Scientology.

Flynn asked Sullivan if he knew Dr.John Clark, and
Sullivan reports that in this Flynn insinuated that
Clark was helping finance the suit and there were
several people behind him, perhaps a committee. This
if only Sullivan impression of what Flynn was saying
however as later data shows this was very likely.

Flynn stated that he was out to destroy Scientology
and he would file suits in Florida,Nevada and Mass.

He also mentioned he was in daily comm with Gary Mc
, Christo's attorney in Portland.



It is not known how Flynn got in comm with McMurrary
but what we do know is that Dr.John Clark testified
at he Christofferson trial and was connected to
Flynn and most likely was the psychiatrist for
LVS. (It is documented that some of Flynn's
clients have gone to Dr.John Clark--Marjorie
Hansen said that she had seen Dr.Clark 5 times

Also the LVS original complaint, which was 48 pgs
long, read in part verbatim from a paper that Dr.
John Clark wrote in July 1979 which appeared in the
AMA's Journal of the AMA(JAMA). A short example:

Flynn Complaint: "As a result, the subject becomes
dependent on this new environment for definitions of

Clark's Article: "As a result, the convert becomes
dependent on this new environment for definitions of

Additionally in regards to LVS, her father-in-law was
reported by LVS as having some "pull", but this has
never been found in terms of what his connections are.
This is an area for string pulling- how did LVS actually
get in touch with Flynn.

From a private investigator's report on LVS they report
that it is Paul who induced LVS into suing, which
is contrary to what she said in her own affidavit.
Its also reported that Paul is the one who is "in the
know" with his "connections" in the State House, who
decided to select a lawyer for the suit. He heard
of this up and coming Group of Lawyers in the Flynn
organization and directed LVS to see them, per the

To date we also do not know how exactly Flynn made
contact with McMurrary, though we did find out that
Flynn was hesitant about the case at first but was
referred by someone(not known) to the Oregon Attorney
General's Office and afterwards decided to take the
. 0f note here is that Ray Underwood was in the
Oregon AG Office at this time and was very much anti-
cult. His daughter Barbara Underwood was one of the
"Moonie-5" in San Francisco who was then deprogrammed
and became a deprogrammer of Moonie's. Underwood was
working with local conspirators in Portland against Scn
in the Christo scene
(Ray Underwood that is).

One note of significance is that Dr. John Clark, who
testified in the Christo case is the common denominator,
between the two cases

Gail 0'Neil-- Gail became involved in Scientology in 1977,
she is the daughter of George D. O'Neil and Abby M 0'Neil,
and the grandaughter of Abby Mauze Rockefeller- sister
of Nelson,Winthrop,Laurance and John D III. (They would
be her grand-uncles)
. Gail's grandmother is a donor and
Abby O'Neil is a trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers



She is for practical purposes a part of the Rockefeller

In Jan.1978 just before she went back to school she
had lunch with William(Bill) Dietel, a friend of the
family and also the President of the Rockefellers Brothers
. During this talk he gave her entheta about Scn
and data about Paulette Cooper,
Australia and England.

Then in Dec.1979 her father George 0'Neil, showed her
a package of seized docs
(they were only just released
in the month of Nov.1979) and various entheta about
Scientology. At that time he said that he wanted her
to see a CofS defector,
but would not give the name
(however as we see later and by date coincidence it
is Nan McLean).

Then in May 1981 Gail on the arrangement of her father,
talks with Nan McLean on two occassions in what appears
to be a covert "deprogramming", she says she isn't
disaffected and they just "talked."

George O'Neil said that Dr.John Clark had referred
Nan McLean to him
but when this referral was made is
not clear.

From a debrief of Gail in July 81, she said that Nan
McLean showed her seized docs and
told her about how
often she goes to DC get the docs and that she is
good friends with Raymond Banoun.

She was interviewed by Info Flag and said that she
spent $100,000 on Scientology and her parents have
no idea of this. They also had alot of charge on her
spending alot of money and not working.


With all of the above laid out the tie-in between these
people and Clark is now gone into. Dr. John Clark setup
the Center on Destructive Cultism, a part of the American
Family Foundation.

Clark's connections into the money lines of Rockefeller
show up in his group C.D.C. and the connections into
Scientology member's families enters in C.D.C.

In June 1981(June 9,81) Clark is in comm with George
at 30 Rockefeller Plaza,NYC,NY. Clark had met
with him
the previous week and Clark communicated to
him that all staff at CDC were boosted by his support.

Clark was to supply O'Neil with a proposal for a grant
from the Pew Foundation through 0'Neil. Clark is asking
for $26,000.

Clark was also in comm with William Dietel at this time,
Dietel president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund had
also met with Clark the week previous(around 2 June 81).
Dietal was to be given copies of all correspondence
between CDC and the MacArthur Foundation.



Clark met with Curtis Sharp of the Pew Foundation the
week previous and tells Dietel that things look good
for the $26,000.

Then on 10 June 81 Michael D. Langone(PhD and associate
of Clark's at CDC) writes Mrs. Charles Mathias in
Maryland and says that the Bodman Foundation, of which
Harry Albright is a trustee, gave CDC $25,000
and the
Charlepeg Fnd gave CDC $1,000.

He adds that the Scaife Foundation is their best prospect
and they met with two of its officers including its
president Richard Larry has a proposal from CDC for a
$50,000 grant

In about April 1981 John Clark and Mrs. Charles Mathais
met with Senator Nancy Kassebaum
in D.C. Clark sent
the Senator data on The Way, she was impressed with the
Way and Clark sent her data to dissuade her.

Robert Schecter of CDC is in touch George O'Neil to
let him know that AFF had received $25,000 from Mr.Dietel
President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and that
Mrs. Charles Mathias has agreed to become a Board
member of CDC

Amy Longsworth and Dietel have both talked with Mrs.
Mathais on how she can help. She said she would get
in touch with Mrs. Harry Albright who can also help.

Ann Mathias feels that O'Neil should contact Rep Hamilton
on behalf of CDC to get his support. Ann already
met with his aide and the aide felt Fish would support

Dietel had agreed around June or so, that he would work
on recruiting prominent additions to AFF Board of Dirs.

Between O'Neil, Dietel, Mrs.Mathias, and Schecter these
people have either met with, phoned, talked to, or written
the following elite in Washington to solicit their aiid
or support in some way:

Senator Nancy Kassebaum
Senator Eagelton
Senator Dauforthe(sp?)
Rep. Zablocki
Senator Hamilton Fish
Sen or Rep Bedeau


Eugene Methvin-- he is the author of two entheta articles
on Scientology for the Readers Digest(which is Rockefeller
connected). Methvin has worked closely with Paulette
Cooper, Michael Flynn and is on the Advisory Board of
Dr.John Clark's CDC group. Methvin has met Flynn many
times and Cooper helped him with his articles.

Reginald Hart-- professional fund-raiser in Boston,Mass.
Runs his own firm R.S. Hart Associates. Some of his clients



the American Security Council,Washington,D.C. and
the Institute for American Strategy,Virginia,
Center for International Security Studies,Bns.,Mass.
American Security Council Education Foundation,Bsn,Mass.

Beverly Renaud--Fund raiser, President of BJTemps. Some
of her fund raising clinets have been McLean Hospital,
Mental Health Association of Mass.

All of these people come together at Dr.John Clark's
AFF Center on Destructive Cultism.

The money that Clark is seeking is from some very influencial
and well known foundations.

Some data on some of these is of interest:

Most of the money that is going into CDC is either coming
from directly or indirectly those people who have kids
in some "cult" , the main support has come from Rockefeller
connected or family who are on Funds or Foundations.

These same people are used to get more money and make
more contacts. Some of the Foundations CDC is seeking
money from are:

Pew Foundation
Ford Foundation
Scaife Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Bodman Foundation

$25,000 (given)
$25,000 (given)

Of interest is that the Ford Foundation,Rockefeller Brother
Fund, Rockefeller FOundation and Pew Memorial Trust Co.
gave about $100,000 each to the "Filer Commission" for a
study into changing the structure of laws and the Constitution
regarding religions and non-profit tax exempt religions and
other such type groups.

MARGARET SINGER-- Singer is a long time attacker of Scn
and "cults" She is a mind control psych expert and
has testified at the "Moonie-5" trial in San Francisco
(which had at it Barbara Underwood-daughter of Ray Under-
wood,of the Oregon Atty Generals office and involved
in the Christo conspiracy

Singer also testified at the Christo trial and was
said to have "seen Julie Christo" about 10 times. These
visits with Singer occurred before the
trial, she testified at the trial she saw her 10 times

She was the Senior Consultant at the Human Freedom Center
(later called the Freedom Counseling Center- an Anti-cult
group in San Francisco

Singer started getting interested in "cults" with Dr.
John Clark in 1974



Singer is reportedly well connected and lives off of
grants which include grants from the Rockefeller connected
William T. Grant Foundation of New York
and has also
received money from the William McAlphin Award which
is indirectly Rockefeller money as McAlphin was a relative
of John D. Rockefeller.

Singer was involved in the Patty Hearst case and
examined Hearst and testified at her trial as well.
This was in 1975.
Singer said that she got interested in "cults" in 1974
which was prior to when Hearst got picked up.

Singer also connects into the CDC group as she was
at the July 1981 "secret conference" held in Cape Cod,
Mass. All the people connected into the CDC/Clark/
Flynn attack previously mentioned for the most part
attened this conference.

Albright,Mrs. Mathias,Michael Langone,Dr.Clark,
Jean Merritt,and others.

She too is on the Advisory Committee of the CDC.

When she spoke at the Conference she spoke of Scientology
and double set of ethics,deception,uncoditional acceptance,
and said Scn began as a "new psychology" and ended up
a religion.

PAULETTE COOPER-- PC has been around for some 13 years attacking
and her influence into this particular scene is
evident with the release of the docs in Washington,DC.

Cooper was down at the Courthouse in D.C. early on
with Nan McLean, also Kevin Flynn had also been there
and xeroxed off some docs, although the number is
unknown or what he xeroxed.

However, it is known that Cooper and McLean have both
used these docs as a part of their anti-Scientology

Cooper and McLean spent extensive time at the Courthouse
going back to soon after they were released and through
to the time that they were then sealed
which was in
around the summer of 1980.

In Jan.1978 with Gail 0'Neil going home and Bill Dietel
tried to talk to her about Scn and gave her entheta,
which included data about Paulette Cooper,Australia
and England.

Although it is not said who gave him this data, it appears
it was Cooper simply because it was about her.

However, in Dec.1979, one month after the release of
the docs, George 0'Neil, Gail's father shows her some
seized docs
and then he said he wanted to have her
see a CofS defector
but would not give the name.

However, Gail was seen and talked to by Nan McLean in
May 1980
on two occassions and Nan tried to covertly
deprogram Gail with entheta and seized docs.

Also Cooper has been active on the lines with Flynn,
Methvin,Readers Digest,Nan McLean and in comm with
Dr. John Clark over the years as well as Singer.

[handwritten] Much Love,

Much Love,


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