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Scientology Kirche Deutschland e.V.

SKD e.V. Belchstr. 12 80802 München

Herrn Werner Schmidt

Telefax 0 30/26 00 94 15


Re: Article " Polizeiaufmarsch in der Luisenkirche" of 21.01.03

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

As discussed with you today on the telephone, we are sending you documents clarifying the militant actions of Mr. Gandow and Mr. Armstrong. You can see from the attached complaint that Mr. Gandow and Mr. Armstrong forced their way with two other people into the Russian Scientology Mission in Yekaterinburg for the purpose of provoking a confrontation, during which time documents were forcibly removed [from the Mission] (attachment 1) without Mr. Gandow hindering his comrade or even showing the least bit of annoyance with him. If this had been Germany, he and his comrade would have been found guilty of disturbing the peace [in the Mission]. As to whether he could have been found accountable for complicity in this theft by forcible taking by his companion, that certainly also would have had to have been decided upon by a German judge.

From the information in "Zweifelhafte Geschichten in der Umgebung von Gandow?" you can see read about Mr. Armstrong's strange forays into world politics, not to mention the numerous outstanding court orders he has against him. For instance, according to a newspaper article, he founded his Organization of United Renouncers on November 11, 1992, two year before which he discovered his predilection for Saddam Hussein. For each of the items cited we can place papers and documents at your disposal as required (attachment 2).

Having a hustler like this show up at a church service speaks for itself. Demanding police protection is on Mr. Gandow's standard program of dramatization, and

SKD e.V. Beichstraße 12 - 80802 München
Tel. 089/27817733 bis 38 * Fax 089.27817740 * eMail: SKDev@menschenrechtsbuero.de


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is a blatant abuse of police power, who really have more important things to do. Gandow has repeatedly marketed Armstrong in public and overreacts whenever anyone even glances at him sideways. A member of the Scientology Church was to ascertain the residence of Mr. Armstrong for an attorney so that the lawyer could pursue legal steps for outstanding charges, nothing more, since he [Armstrong] did not seem to have any paperwork anywhere. Everything else is in the category of a James Bond fantasy from Mr. Gandow, including this member, who is being held responsible according to internal church disciplinary procedures.

As concerns Mr. Gandow's fabricated "intelligence agency fairy tales," we forward you an article from the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper of 25 April 2000, from which you can see that this is another story which has been debunked by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (attachment 3).

A "German boss" of Scientology, as they are always called, was not present at the church service, but the public gathering was attended by a Berlin member who is involved with legal and public concerns.

As discussed, I request that you take excerpts of this and publish them as letters from a reader. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have or provide more information. As agreed, we also ask that you continue to include our position on matters in the future. You can reach me or my colleague Mrs. Sabine Weber [contact information] which will also go to a cellular phone.

Cordially yours,

Georg Stoffel

Enclosed: 7 pages




Enclosures are:
OSA Application
for criminal charges against Armstrong (2 pages)
Black PR flyer on Gerry Armstrong propagated December 2002 in Berlin area and elsewhere (2 pages)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung für Deutschland Article 25 April 2000 [ .pdf] (3 pages)

This letter in original German with all enclosures [.pdf]

Vielen dank to Joe Cisar for his translation of these documents into English



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